Spongebob and Sandy story

A love story about Spongebob Squarepants and Sandy Cheeks


2. Asking Out


"I can do this I can do this I will ask Sandy out but what if she said no that would kill me but if i don't pat would call me a wuss goddamn this hard what do you think Gary?" "meow." said Gary " I'm not a wuss I can call her but.....I will do this. I can ask her to dinner at Sublime Seafoods, I will rent a limo get flowers......if she will say yes." spongebob picks up his phone ring ring....... ring ring........ring ring 


"Hi Sandy its Spongebob"

"Oh hi Spongebob. What's up?"

"Oh....I Wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"ummmm I was wondering if ummmm you ummm wanted to ummmm go on a date?"

"Wow Spongebob I don't know what to say.....yes I have liked you for awhile."

"Ok its 7:30 p.m i will pick you up at 9:20 ok."

"Ok see you then bye."


end of call "YES!!!!! SHE SAID YES!!!!!! ok time to call the limo company and pick up some flowers and I have to get ready and make reservations at Sublime seafoods."


Authors Note: Sorry for the short chapter I will make the next one about Spongebobs and sandys first date please remember to comment and like 

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