My Crazy Mofo

Hi my name is Jessie. I'm 19 and i'm from ireland ,and yes i do know Niall Horan he was my bestfriend. Until he left to go follow his dreams and became part of a band. Now im working at a studio in London.
What happens when Jessie gets unexpecting news.


1. The News

Authors Note: my first fanfic so dont judge.



Today was one those normal days were i sat in the studio messing around. When my boss walked up to me "Jessie tomorrow One Direction will be recording" my boss said. I nodded my head and said ok. The day went by and I finally went home, after a boring day at work, I thought about the news my boss gave me "shoot I forgot Niall is in that band" I said. I took a shower got in my pajamas. I stayed up all night thinking about what if Niall forgot who i am or doesn't want to be bothered with me. I layed there until my eyes started to get heavy and I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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