Forget Me Not



1. Lying Lanlords and Annoying Boys (E)


I sighed as I closed my notebook. The Dismissal bell had just rung and everyone darted out of the classroom to their 'amazing' and 'awesome' lives. I just stayed seated since I had no reason to hurry. I wasn't being pessimistic about it, honestly. Just realistic. I got my binder from under my desk and finished writing down a few notes that were written on the board.


"Miss Everett," my soft spoken teacher started, minutes later," the dismissal bell rang ten minutes ago, is there something you need?."


I shook my head. I had already finished my notes.


"Well, then I have a few places to be."


I understood what she was implying. She wanted me gone. She was just too nice to actually say it like that. So I just nodded my head. "I understand, I'll go now." I grabbed all of my things and started out the door.


"Wait," she stopped me right when I stepped out. I raised a brow at her, "You left your pencil." I turned around and got it from her. Disappointment filled my eyes. At least I think so. I hope so.


I went to my locker and put my math, reading, and English books and binders in my book bag. By then about fifteen minutes had past. (My science class was upstairs, while my locker was on the bottom.) My phone rang. It was a cheap flip phone.


"Everett, Where are you?"


"School, Grandma." I replied simply.


"School ended thirty minutes ago. It takes ten minutes to get here. Your brother has been here for twenty minutes. Please Explain."


I rolled my eyes, typical Eli,  "I stayed a bit later to finish up some work."


"You could have done that here."


"Okay, grandma, I know. I just like doing it here. Anyways, Miss Kendreth was here." I said to her.


"Oh, don't say you've been bothering her again! She emailed me, complaining that you stay way longer than anyone else does on Monday. Anyways, just be here in twenty minutes. Or you're grounded from books. Love you, honey."


"Love-" I didn't get my sentence out when she interrupted me by hanging up. I sighed. I then left the school facility and walked to my grandmother's apartment. It was small but sufficient. I had lived there since I was six. Ever since that summer I rarely thought or talked about it. It was like unmarked territory. Somewhere you did not go. Especially around my grandmother.


I knocked on the door, and when my grandmother opened it, the sound made me cringe slightly. It had needed to be fixed for the past six months, but the landlords 'didn't want a ruckus' and 'didn't want to pay for the damage.'


The landlords are liars. Simple as that.


My grandmother smiled at me as she opened the door. "Come in, honey."


I saw Eli sitting at a table eating Oreo's. I grabbed a few from him, smiling slightly. He grinned back. We were twins.


I made my way to my room, and my room was, okay. I had a small, twin sized bed and a desk with a wooden chair. I don't know why I have it, though. I don't really need it.






You can do it, I thought as I scribbled down answers on my test. I have this. I glanced up at the digital clock. It read, 11:57. I had eighteen minutes left of class for lunch.


I looked around, and I saw four other people still working in classroom. Four people. My mouth slightly twitched to the right.

Three people.

Two people.

One person.



I finally finished, and when I did I checked over my work, leaving me three minutes to get to lunch.


"Okay, everyone, you are all dismissed since everyone is finished." Mr. Presley said.


"YES!" I heard a few of the guys shout out. It made me smile, but I scurried out of the classroom, not wanting to be the last at lunch. I didn't bother going to my locker. All I had was my pencil, and I was not under any circumstances was not sacrificing my lunch for a pencil.


While heading to the cafeteria the bell rang and I heard people shuffling down the steps. Dang it. So I started to run down the stairs and make the turns. It didn't take me long, and I was one of the first people there. Not a surprise. So I ran even faster to the line because right when I reached it the doors opened and noise was everywhere. My nose twitched.

When I got my food I started to head to my locker, which was where I ate every single day. Alone.


I slid my body down the lockers and I was soon in a seated position and slowly took a bite of my salad.




"Okay, class, settle down." Mrs. Dale told everyone. "Today is a very special day!"


"Is it the day that we get to go skip?" Some boy asked. A few more people shouted their agreement with the idea. I myself was a bit interested to do so, but I kept my mouth shut.


"No," she chuckled, "Even better, you get to have fun! In school! I’ve been preparing for this project for a while. It’s kind of cliché, though. Despite that, I’m sure you will all enjoy it thoroughly.”


Mrs. Dale was one of my favorite teachers because she acted so much like a teenager. (Probably because she barely was an adult.) She wasn't all boring. She was nothing like my other teacher, Mr. Walls. He would always read in his monotone voice, which made even me, a star student, sleep in boredom.


"We will all be partnering up for an assignment!" My smile faded. Oh no.


"I have already written down who is with who, "She waved a slip of paper in the air, "and this is what we will be doing! After I give you your partners, you’ll be told what the assignment is!” Mrs. Dale clapped happily.


"We will be learning things about our partner. I bet some of you don't even know the person you sit in front of. Now, say what you want, this activity may sound cliché and cheesy, but the truth is that there is a lot more to it. You'll see. There will be three stages of the activity. The first one is getting to know your partner.


"SO, let me just read off who you are with and we can get going, and I can give you the details!" Mrs. Dale opened her mouth to list the partners. "Oh! Wait! Let me tell you something, you're partnered up boy and girl!"


Everyone cheered. I remained silent. This will be bad. Very, very bad. Me, with a boy? No bueno. Well, Mrs. Heather would be pleased to see I'm speaking Spanish in my head! Joyous.


"So, let's find out who is with whom!" She smiled at everyone knowingly.




She couldn't have paired me with anyone worse. Nobody could exceed the horrible things he had done before, and I don't know.


If there was a school player in this town, it'd be him.


"Hey, babe, you don't have to just get to know me, you can get to know my little friend." He nodded his head down, and I scrunched my face up in disgust.


"Hey, babe, why are you so quiet? I know you're just dying to get to know me." He said. "Hey, Everett, what are you doing tonight? I'm sure I could show you a great time." I glared at him hatefully.


"Look, we won't get any work done if you won't speak to me." Then I thought of something. I got out a piece of paper and wrote down on it, 'How about this? You can read, right?'


Mrs. Dale came over to our area and when she saw what I read. "Ooh, would you like some ice with that burn?" He stared at her weirdly. "What? I can't act like a teenager? I'm just seven years older than you. I'm Taylor Swift's age! The Two Three!" Then she walked away to the other groups of two.


He laughed at Mrs. Dale's ludicrous idea, and he whispered in my ear, "She could never pull off acting like us.


I mentally agreed with him, but I kept quiet.


"SO, babe, now that we have a connection, what do you say we do?" The jerk continued to pester me.

"Come one, babe, Everest, work with me here!" He called me Everest. That idiot.


My mouth twitched at that fact.


"Hey, Mount Everest-"


"Are you implying that I'm fat?" I said to him, offended and angry, but my anger subsided when I realized what I did. I talked. I mentally face-palmed myself. My stupidity was overwhelming at the moment, to be frank.


"Ha! I got Miss 'I don't talk to anyone at any time' to talk!" He rubbed it in my face.


"Shut up." I glared at him. Not only was he a jerk face. He was a stupid, goofy, jerk face. “You want to talk? Let’s get work done, then. Keep your ‘jokes’ and idiotic, rude comments to yourself.


And do you know what he did? He meowed at me! He freaking had the nerve to meow at me. So do you know what I did? I slapped him.


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