Forget Me Not


2. Allys Bridget and Michael Shawn (A)


Allys-Bridget's POV


I grinned widely as I heard his voice. It had been so long since I'd seen him last. Everett and Eli his and mine's kids, who were both four (twins), would be so excited.


He walked into our small den with bags in his arms. "Michael!" I was so happy I almost cried. I stood up and ran into his now empty arms.


My head leaned against his chest, which smelled of him. "I lo-" then I stopped. I remembered then that we had kids, not a solid relationship. I was just a former fling, who ended up falling for him. Who wouldn't?


I sighed into him, wishing I could tell him how I felt. Maybe then he might take me out and sweep me off my feet.




"Please, everyone, remain calm and seated. Michael Shawn will be signing autographs in ten minutes!" I heard my manager speak to the large crowd of people.


I sighed. Was this all life was. I didn't let anyone else see my sadness and flashed my signature grin to a few ladies. I heard them swoon. I resisted my urge to roll my eyes at the pathetic women.


They were all the same. "Michael," my agent told me, "You have to win some of these people over to sponsor you. I realize you're a hit in sixteen other countries, but you need to show them you're more than auto tune. Do you think you can do that?"


I nodded my head, "Good. You have," she looked at her watch, "Five minutes before you officially need to be out here."


I nodded again. The minutes passed quickly and soon I was doing my job. I signed my name at least five hundred times to both women and men alike.


I plumped my head down on my bed. The people out there were ruthless. Crazy. I shuddered at the one lady, who tried to rip my shirt off. She half succeeded, but my body guard managed to get her away from me.


"Okay, Michael, here's your schedule. This weekend you have to head the states and visit Florida for a small concert. Then you are booked to head for Oregon to see your friend and her kids."

Allys, Eli, Everett. I don't guess I've told anyone about them. Allys had a beautiful smile and soft brown curls in her hair. Her eyes, though, were the most magnificent. They were a simple grey, but they pierced right through a person.


Her kids, well, our kids had my blonde hair and her eyes and nose. Their smile was almost identical to hers.


I am in love with that woman, and I swear, if I could, I'd fly over right now and propose, but I had an image to protect, and I wouldn't subject her to public gossip. If only I could just see her face. Then I remembered the picture I kept of her in my wallet.


Susan, my manager, asked me about the photograph, but I lied and said it was my cousin (that I don't really have). She didn't question me anymore.


I pulled my wallet from my back pocket when I heard someone clear their throat. "Michael, listen to me." Right, She was still in here.


"Then next month you have some time off. Okay?" My manager looked at me expectantly.


"Okay." I replied.


Then I hear her heels clicking, and The door shut closed. I then resumed getting my wallet out and opened it. I then pulled the picture of her out.


I fell asleep looking at her beautiful face.


One week later...


I exited the airport and waited to gather my things. Once I got them I headed outside and called a taxi. I smelled the air. Cold and crisp. It was almost dark out and I knew the address by heart.


"Walnut Oak 6174 street." The taxi driver nodded his head at me and started to drive.


"Thank you!" I yelled to the man after I gave him the money and walked out of the car.


Then I turned and saw the house. It was very small, but it was a cozy type of small.


I got out my barely used key and unlocked the front door.


I set down my bags when I saw run up to me and hug me. My arms were wide open, and when I saw it was Allys I wrapped my arms around her. "I lo-" I heard her start.


'Please continue, please, I love you, Allys,' my mind pleaded, but I kept silent. I could tell she was breathing in my scent. I chuckled at her antics.


"What? I haven’t seen you in five months. I should get to hug you like crazy and not get criticized." Allys was so crazy. She thought that I didn’t want her to hug me. Why would she, though? I hadn’t been around for five months, like she said.


"Mommy?" I heard a sweet feminine voice. I then saw a young girl rubbing her eyes.


"Everett," Allys turned away from me, pulling out of my arms. "Guess who's here?"


Everett looked up at me then something in her mind clicked, and she grinned a toothy grin. "Daddy!"


She ran up and hugged me tightly. "Daddy, where have you been? Mommy's been missing you!"


She didn't have any idea what that last sentence did to me. Allys missed me. Allys missed me. The sentence repeated itself in my head. It was the most wonderful thing that I could hear at that moment.


"Honey, I've been out touring the world!" My little girl stared up at me, hanging onto me and my every word.


"That’s cool, daddy!" Then she ran back to where she came from and came back a minute later, but she wasn't alone. Eli was with her, and he was six, I believe, at the time. His eyes looked just like his mothers. Even more than Everett’s did.


“Daddy?” I laughed at Eli and stretched my arms out to him. He ran to me and I hugged him tight.


Too bad I couldn't experience this type of thing with Allys and everyone. Together. As a family. Why did I give this family up? I was desperate. I would do anything to stay here for the rest of my life.


Allys-Bridget's POV


I have missed him so much. I could see it, though. His eyes were desperate. I assumed He was desperate to escape me. This life. I knew he loved our kids but what about me? He has a girlfriend, not that that's a surprise.


I wish he could see inside my heart. He grabbed Eli, who had just come into the room, and he grabbed him, gave him a great bear hug, and he picked him up and spun around the room.


For a moment I saw him stop and wink at me. I blushed. Then I ran up the stairs into my room. I wanted to kiss him plain on the lips and stay in that position for forever. I couldn't, though. He couldn't know I was in love with him. Then he'd stay here with me out of pity.


I couldn't go through that again.


Michael's POV


The week passed quickly. Too quickly, but every moment I spent with Allys was amazing. I fell for her even more. Her laugh, her smile, her beauty and attitude around everyone. It was obvious to about everyone she was an amazing person. I could probably list a thousand more wonderful things.


"Michael." My head snapped towards the man in the casual suit. My bodyguards stepped closer to me, blocking his path.


“It’s fine. Let him speak.”


"I have a proposition for you.” The man paused, “But I’d rather not speak of it in such a public area. May we go to a more private place?”


I thought about it for a moment and nodded my head. We walked out, with my bodyguards ten feet behind us. When we reached the park we sat on a rusty bench.


“Now, what was it that you needed?”


“If you can sing at this concert in Oregon in December for my two daughters I can sign you to a better record label." Out of all those words, the only one that caught my attention was Oregon. Oregon was the most wonderful place because that’s where Allys and Everett and Eli were.


“I believe that would be possible. But what record label is it?”


We conversed about the detail and arranged a time where he and my manager could talk. When we finished the only thing I could think of was this. I need to call Allys.

Allys-Bridget's POV


"Oh my gosh! Of course you can stay here! When is it? December? Of course, how long? Wow, three months. That's a long time." I smiled into the phone.


Then as I hung up on Michael I called my best friend to come over with her son, Jason.


Jason, while I loved my kids to death, was an adorable little guy. He was six, the same age as Eli, and I swear his eyes were so beautiful. A deep blue. He had always showed an interest on our colors, because Missy, my best friend, couldn't afford them.


I felt bad for her, but I couldn't buy another two boxes of crayons or markers or colored pencils so I just let Jason use ours. He didn't seem to mind.


In some weird way, Everett never really liked him, but I could tell he had a sweet little crush on her. It was adorable. He was adorable. He had glasses that fit his face perfectly and blonde hair that fell across his head.


The doorbell rang. I got up, and I opened it. I had already gotten out paper and colors so Jason ran to them and started to draw almost instantly. So cute. I swear I could just wrap him up and squeeze him and hold him until he pops! Missy would have a fit if I did. She couldn't have any more kids.


As soon as she got in and made herself comfortable I closed the doors, and I talked to her about all the happening in my life as she began to tell me about hers.



A/N: This is Everett and Eli's mom and dad. I will alternate the stories. Between Everett's love story and her parent's love story. Don't worry. I think I know what I'm doing. Think being the operative word, that is.
*1721 words*

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