I Didn't know where to go, what to do. All I knew was I needed to go run away, get away from it all. But I didn't think it would go this far.


1. How It All Began

I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday, The Shouting, the yelling, the hitting I couldn't stand it.

My Dad keep hitting mum like she was a piece of meat, and yelling at her like she was a dog who hadn't obeyed his command. Mum just stood there, her eyes were like rivers she had so many tears. I just sat there, my hands shaking, my thin arms red the times dad had hit me so much. That's when he won he hit mum so hard she fell to the floor and blacked out. He stood there, as shocked as I was. He had done it this time, he had won. 

   That's when I ran i just couldn't take it, he had killed my mum. He chased after me because he knew what I was doing I just ran on. I could hear him he was screaming "Jessica no!!"  

He Punched me on the back but not in a happy way like normal families do like "hey don't do that" and then they would punch them in a fun way. No my dad did it in a way like he wanted to kill me, like he wanted me as dead as my mum was.

   Tears were rushing from my eyes I remember when dad used to take me to the park, when we fed the ducks at the duck pond. He had changed, he lost his job last year and that's when it started, when he starting spending 14 hours at the pub and me and mum would sit and dread him coming back, like he was the king and we were his slaves.

   I ran out the door and down the street and turned at a corner, I got out my phone and called the police. A woman picked up the phone, I told her a woman had died after her husband abusing her. She said the police where on their way. 

   I Stood at the corner until the police came, I saw dad come out and he looked shocked. He saw my red coat hang out and I ran, I didn't hear him come after me. I didn't have anything the only thing I had was my red coat.

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