I Didn't know where to go, what to do. All I knew was I needed to go run away, get away from it all. But I didn't think it would go this far.


3. Food

I realized how long it had been until I had eaten, 2 days and my tummy felt like I hadn't eaten in years, now I know how people in 3rd world countries feel. I saw cans of coke half full in the bin, take-away's where only one chip had been eaten, wow people these days. I walked on down the road when I saw someone, they walked past me like I was a normal person, don't people watch the news. Then my hopes died, someone spotted me. 

"Hey aren't you the kid...."

They didn't get to finish I ran down the street, I could hear them running after me, they grabbed me and yanked me down. I fell with a bump 

"Owh Watch it Mr!"

"Your the girl who ran away, let's get you some food, there's nothing left of you now,"

   He took me to a Cafe across the road and got me some coke and a sandwich,

"Okay tell me what happened, how you ran away, 

   I told him everything, I don't know why but I trusted him. He seemed like he totally understood me, then I realized why.

"It happened to you didn't it, you ran away when you were my age, that's why you understand me and stopped me before I got really lost," I asked him.

"I was thinking when you were going to realize why, Yes it all happened to me but my dad wasn't abusing my mum," he said gently to me.

"Why did you run away then?"

"It was the other way round my mum abused my dad, knocked him out one day, that's when I ran, I knew sooner or later she would start doing it to me so I ran,"

"Did someone find you?" I asked a bit confused

" Yes, a policeman found me, took me to my mum and then to an adoption home, he said my mum wasn't ready for a child as she was only 18 when I was born and started abusing dad when I was 2," He said, tears filling his eyes remembering that time.

He brought me to the hospital and told me he would have to leave me here, he said my mum was alive and well and that my dad had got 2 years in prison at least. I thanked him and he left, I walked up to the room the nurse had said my mum was in. I walked in and say her, I started crying when she saw me her eyes were as light as light bulbs, I hugged her so hard, I was finally home.

                                                             THE   END

-Sorry It was such a short story it was for a competition Authors Have Talent =)  







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