Adventurers of 1D

as one direction Reeve a letter from someone and it says hi on direction you need to give me what i want or you will never ever see your family again and then you will unless you find me.......
what will happen you one direction save there family's or will they not
read more to see what happens


1. The Letter

As one direction are swimming there body guard comes and says "Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam,Zayn you have a letter" "from who" Zayn asks Niall took the letter and opened it and read it out loud "Dear,One Direction you need to give me what i want or you will never see your family ever again. If you want to see them you will need to find me and give me want i want from you.if you want to contact with me the call 55633665 and one more thing you have 24 hours to find me and give me what i want or bye bye to your family's and if i see any cops near me i will kill your family's because i have them with me i will send you another letter of how i look like .Louis says "lets call the cops" "WAIT" Niall reply "WHAT NIALL" Liam says "if we call the cops he/she will kill our family's" Niall says  "we need to find it our self's" Harry says "but what if we are to late because we just have 24 hours to find him and give him what he want" Zayn says nervously. "We will find them we are one direction we are the amazing best boy band on the world".Niall says happily. Louis asks "can i drive please" "you want to kill us Louis" Liam says Zayn says "i think that Harry should drive he is the best drive of us" "come one we don't have time to waste on talking lets go to the car" Niall says "but first we need to were our clothes then go to the car and save our family's" Louis says.

The body guard comes and says "here is another letter from the same guy that send you this letter" Harry says "That a picture of him self" "Let's Go" Liam Says

there body guard comes and says "where are you going you have a consecrate in 10 hours "we will be back by then" Louis says Niall says "okay harry you will drive i will sit next to you zayn you sit next to the window liam you also sit next to the window and louis you sit in the middle and try to find him as fast as possible" YES SIR" the all say at the same time.

Picture of the man who has one direction's family's




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