Bieber Undercover

Melody Johansen, 18, has been apart of the NASC (National American Spy Corporation (not real!) for 5 years now. She has solved mysteries, gone all over the world, and has found hidden treasures and secrets all over the world.
Justin Bieber (not famous for singing), 19, has been transferred to NASC. He's been apart of different agencies for 4 years and has also been all over the world solving mysteries and finding different things.
Now Melody's biggest problem...going on her biggest mission to steal the Declaration of Independence with Justin Bieber.


2. Meeting


A few days later, I get a call from Claire telling me to come back to the corp (corporation). She didn't tell me why or if it's for a mission and she usually does if it's a mission. So I get in my car and drive to NASC. 

Once there, I scan my ID badge and walk to the front desk where Jordan is sitting. She's 20 and a level 2 agent. Levels are based on how many missions you've been on, how successful they were and how much training you've done. Since Jordan is here at the building mainly, she's only a level 2. 

"Hey Jordan. Claire called me and wanted me to come in." I tell her. She looks up and smiles. "Oh yes, she told me. Let me buzz her and let her know you're here." I nod. "Thanks." 

A minute or so later, Jordan gets up and walks over to me. "Go ahead in." I get up and open her door slowly. "Claire?" "Oh yes Melody, come in." I close the door behind me and sit down in one of her plush white over sized chairs.

"Is something wrong? I got your call.."

"Oh no, dear. Nothing's wrong! I wanted to...introduce you to someone." She goes through some of her papers. 

"Ok..who is it?" I ask.

"He'll be in in a minute."


I look around awkwardly. Everything here is so nice and everything we have is electronic. 

A few minutes go by then a knock on the door brings me back to reality. "Come in!" Claire yells. 

The door opens and a man in a black suit comes in first then a young teenage boy walks in. 

My eyes get wide. That's the boy I saw a few days ago being dragged. I couldn't stop staring though. His ruffled brown hair, his hazel eyes that are bright. Black pants with a white tank top and black over shirt with a long dog tag and his ID badge. Wait..he's a member here??

"Melody, I'd like you to meet Justin Bieber. He's new here." She gestured to him with her hand. I look back at him and he smiles at me. And his smile...

"Nice to meet you. I'm Melody Johansen." I tell him. He looks at me, observing. "Hey. I've heard of you. You have some talent." "Thanks." I say. 

"Please sit, Justin." He sits in the chair next to me. I look at him, observing too. 

Wait...Justin BIEBER? I've heard of this kid. He's been around to several different agencies. He kept getting kicked out. Ugh he annoys me. That's why I keep having a weird vibe. 

"Alright, the reason I brought you two here is because I want you to be partners." 

We look at each other. "PARTNERS??" I ask. She nods. 

"Wait wait wait, isn't this the Justin who kept getting kicked out of different agencies?" She nods. "Yes. But he's here because he is actually quite good." 

I look at him and he gives me a smirk. "GOOD? Who's GOOD if they keep getting kicked OUT of every agency they go to??" I question. 

"Hey, I only get kicked out because I don't get along with my partners." Justin defends himself. "And what makes YOU think WE'LL get along?" I ask him with a stern look. 

"That's enough you two." Claire says. We look at her. "I put you two together because one, Melody, you're the best we have and I think you can teach Justin some of your techniques." "Why would I teach HIM?" "You will do as I say or you will not go on any mission ever again." She looks at me.   

"Fine. Sorry. What do you want us to do for my-OUR first mission?" 

Justin looks at me and I glare at him. 

"This will be your biggest mission yet Ms. Johansen." I nod. "Ok what is it?" 

"We think there might be a hidden secret map on the back of the Declaration of Independence." 

"Wait what? Wouldn't they SEE the map though?" I ask. 

"It's an invisible map." 

"So who thinks this?" Justin comes in. 

"One of our agents Luke, had a mission to check it out and when he found the Declaration of Independence, there was nothing on the back. It must be an invisible map."

"So where are we going?" I ask getting out my notepad. 

"The National Archives in Washington DC." 

"And what exactly are we suppose to do?" Justin asks. I roll my eyes. 

"Steal the Declaration of Independence." 


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