Bieber Undercover

Melody Johansen, 18, has been apart of the NASC (National American Spy Corporation (not real!) for 5 years now. She has solved mysteries, gone all over the world, and has found hidden treasures and secrets all over the world.
Justin Bieber (not famous for singing), 19, has been transferred to NASC. He's been apart of different agencies for 4 years and has also been all over the world solving mysteries and finding different things.
Now Melody's biggest problem...going on her biggest mission to steal the Declaration of Independence with Justin Bieber.


6. Battle for the document

A/N: So I changed my username on Instagram so please follow my 1D/JB IG: RockMe_JB_1D ! Thanks! Xo


"Evan's on our trail!" Ben yells at us. I look at Justin who is clutching the document. I try to think of a plan when bullets hit the back of the van door again. We jump in surprise. 

"Hang on!" Ben yells right before we take a sharp turn and I fall on Justin. I look up at him and get off quickly. I look around for anything that might help. I see a little hand gun and grab it. 

"Woah. Do you know how to use that?" Justin asks. I roll my eyes. "YES. We all learn how to use guns in training. Duh." 

Just then the back van doors fly open and Evan must have shot at the door hinges. I point the gun at the car. 

"Are you crazy?! You're going to SHOOT him??" Justin asks like I'm crazy. "No! I'm gonna shoot his tire." I point the gun at the front tire and Evan looks taken back. A girl handling a gun. That's right. 

I shoot and it hits the tire and they go spinning out of control. 

"Yes!" I yell happily. I high five Justin. 

"Now back to the hotel Ben!" 

Deep inside though, I knew that won't be the last we see of Evan. 


At the hotel, we clear off the coffee table and carefully unroll the document. 

"Woah. Our four fathers actually signed this piece of paper hundreds of years ago." Justin says looking at it. Ben and I nod. 

After we unroll very very VERY carefully, we flip it over very very VERY carefully and like Claire said, nothing was there. Or so everyone THINKS.

"Ben, do you have the pen?" I ask, he nods and hands it to me. 

"What does that pen do?" Justin asks.

"It shows anything that's invisible. IF it's invisible." I explain. I click the button at the top and a green light comes on. I start going back and forth. 

"It takes a few minutes for it to come up." 

We go and sit down, waiting for the map to appear. "What if, all this time, there's no map and everything we've heard is false?" Justin asks. We shrug. "I guess we'll find out. But Claire was pretty positive there's something on the back." I tell him. 

We grow silent. I think we were all getting anxious to see what was on the back, if anything was. After about 5 minutes Ben gets up and looks. Justin is telling me about his previous mission that got him kicked out of the last agency he was in. 

"THAT was YOUR fault." I tell him. "No it wasn't! It was Stacy's! She didn't know what she was doing.." I roll my eyes. "You just HATE being wrong, don't you?" I look at him. "THAT might be true.." He looks down at his phone. 

"Hey guys, come here." Ben calls us. We get up and walk over to the coffee table. 

"What?" I ask. He points down and there is it. 

"There IS a map..." 

(This picture is just a rough estimate of it. I couldn't find the one from National Treasure so yea lol)



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