Let's Make Something

Nine months after Ember's mom gets remarried to a man she despises, she is sent away to a boarding school. Her mother's reasoning was so she could raise the child without any bad influences, courtesy of her stepfather.

As she starts her new school two months already in she's thrown into obstacles, literally, and she doesn't fit in. With her rebellious streak, everyone is turned against her.

Multiple houses and cliques that have already formed, Ember's just left on the sidelines, until one party for the whole school, of course.

Maybe she'll make it. Probably not.


1. Let's Make Something

June 18 , 2012

"Mom! What is this on the counter?" I screamed.


Iheard a few things falling over about me and then running feet on the stairs. "You weren't supposed to see that." My mother said after catching her breath.


"I'm not supposed to see an engagement ring and wedding plans? Mom, if you're going to hide something, hide it better. How could you do this to me and Ethan?" Ethan was my brother.


I heard my mom mutter a few things under her breath and slightly roll her eyes.


"You know that I've been dating Kenneth for five months, and I've known him for a whole year, maybe even more. Your father and I were divorced three years ago, and  I'm lonely.  I love Kenneth."


Kenneth. He was the human epitome of Satan. He was out to get me and my brother.I knew he hated us ever since my mom brought him to our home the first time. He turned his nose up at me and Ethan once he saw us, so I poured milk on him. He yelled at me, barely stopped himself from slapping me and calling me a- you get the idea.


"You love him?" I stared at my mother like she had lost her mind. Probably because she had. I was sure she didn't actually love him, instead she just hated us. Kenneth was also rich, so that was an obvious factor. And the only reasonable reason why. 


"Yes, honey, I love him. He also understands my position because he's in it. He also only has a   child! He'd be able to take care of you and your brother should something happen to me!" She exclaimed.


"Don't even remind me about John. He's is almost as bad as his father."


My mom gasped, "Don't say that about your future step-brother."


I rolled my eyes at my mom's dramatic antics, "Whatever, when are you two getting married?"


"Six months."


I "humphed and marched up the stairs. Loudly and Dramatically.



"So, did you know that mom was getting remarried?" I asked my brother as I leant against his shoulder, wiping away the few rebel tears.


"Yeah. I was wondering when you'd find out," he replied shortly.


"You already knew that mom was going to ruin our lives?"


He chuckled. "I did, Ember, but can you blame mom? She just wants to be happy."


"But what about us? What will our living arrangements be like? Are we moving in with him or is he moving in with us?" Ethan just shook his head, not answering my question.


I frowned and let my brother's humming lull me to sleep.


True to  my mother's word six months later my mom got married to Satan. They left for their honeymoon right after their vows.


Why she'd want to do the nasty with him I will never know.


"Hey, Ethan. What's going to happen to us. What if mom has another kid and forgets about us? You know how Kenneth can persuade her to do anything," I whispered as their car drove out of sight.


"We'll be fine, Ember. It's not like mom is going to send us away. At least not me, I'm going to college."


I glared at him, "Don't jinx it."




A/N: Sorry about how it's short, but this is technically a "short" story. I know where I'm going with this, and the next part will be shorter. I kind of consider this as a prologue type of thing.

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