The Bullet of Love

Liz, a 16 years old normal one direction fan, went to a concert of 1D with her friend Emma. When she finds out that she got shot defending her idols with an enemy of 1D When she spend her days at the hospital one direction came to a visits this is when she really got shot with THE BULLET OF LOVE will she fall for one of the members of one direction??? Just read and trust me is it's good!!


8. Seeing each other 2

(A/N) sry GUYZ I don't know what happened and I just wanted to continue the other chapter and by mistake I picked the publish button so just contniue you reading, I am really frustrated now. 

Liz P.O.V 

First he held my hand then he said love and then he said I am beautiful. Harry styles as in Harry styles said that to me. Well I should stop FAN GIRLING cause that's will never work. And here he goes and thank me for saving his life what shall I do now he thinks that I am desperate fan. I just nodded and smiled. Yay I am desperate fan!! Yay!! 

Niall P.OV 

Everything was perfect until this miserable thing happened. I wonder who would want to kill Harry or us. But thnxs Liz for saving us and for Emma. Wow!! All I could say about her. She is sweet, gorgeous, and funny. I always looked at her, the way she moves, the way she smiles, she was flawless!! Whenever she noticed she start blushing. I want to ask her out I wanted to tell how much I like her maybe love her, but I wish just words are so easy to spill out. I hope she thinks the same as I think. Harry is falling in love so hard to, I noticed that by looking at him. What those girls have done to us? Surly they got super powers. I don't know.

Liz P.O.V

Harry and I talked a little bit and we started to know each other better. I told him about my parents and how I alone with no one I my life except for Emma . When he started to talk about himself " you know it's an awkward thing that you want to talk about your self and I know everything about you from your birthday date to your blood type to how...." I was gonna tell him how big his d**k is but  you knw the crazy fans I did search for it but it just popped up on ONE DIRECTION FACTS. He just smiled" But I will tell you things even vet know about me. I let only special people to my heart like you know that thing!" wowowow wait a minute he surprises me even more and more did he just said that. Yeah well... I am speechless right now. "I will accept what your invitation to get to know you better go ahead." he smiled and started talking about himself. He was so gorgeous and I kept looking in deep green eyes that take me to paradise, wow that actually rime!! 

"so that all, thats my life, so can we start from the beginning I am Harry Styles from one direction and you beautiful girl." he said softly. I giggled a bit. " Well I am not allowed to talk to strangers sorry sir!" he laughed a lot "I am kidding I Liz Brown mmmm student from my school nice to meet you Mr.Styles." we hand shared. And when I touched his hand it was soft and warm ad I felt butterflies around my stomach. He did that to me. He did it a lot. 

Sorry GUYZ again but you know that was the continue of the before chapter so enjoy


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