The Bullet of Love

Liz, a 16 years old normal one direction fan, went to a concert of 1D with her friend Emma. When she finds out that she got shot defending her idols with an enemy of 1D When she spend her days at the hospital one direction came to a visits this is when she really got shot with THE BULLET OF LOVE will she fall for one of the members of one direction??? Just read and trust me is it's good!!


5. Ready to the Concert!

I woke up the next day with me crying all for the nightmare that I had:

I ran through the forest, trees were surrounding me everywhere. He was chasing me, he's gonna kill me. I ran a lot till I didn't have anyway to go I stopped until I saw him smirking, laughing at me pointing his gun at me. Suddenly five boys stood in front me to protect me. I heard the sound of the trigger and that how I woke up

                                   THE END OF THE NIGHTMARE

Sweats were all over me, I had shivers, my body was shaking. Who's the one that's gonna kill me? Who are the five boys that protect me? Many questions ran through my mind. I was scared because once I have a real nightmare as real it's gonna come true. For example that one time I dreamt of my parents kissing and hugging me and saying goodbye and that I should take care of myself, and the next day my parents were dead. And the second time I had a dream that my math teacher is explaining a lesson and all he can say is F, a straight line F bisecting F', f+f=f! What?? And the next day all I got is a big fat F. 

I got interrupted of my thoughts by my door knocking I quickly ran downstairs and opened the door. Emma pushed me through walking to the living room. "Morning!!" she said sweetly "Morning!!" I replied. " why are you so..... SAD??" "Uh.. Mmm. Nothin"I said nervously "Look I was your friend for about 123, ehhh 10 years and you think that I am so stupid that I don't know that nothing happened to you. Tell me girl."she said angrily "Well I had a nightmare." "MOOD KILLER."she said harshly. I laughed and we walked in my room to make some cardboards for ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!! No big deal. Just will gonna MEET AND GREET THEM no big deal. Maybe a kiss on a cheek no big deal. Just that. Some of Niall hugs no big deal. Smelling their perfumes just that. No big deal. We finished the two cardboards. Trust me making cardboard take a lot of time for glueing to glitters to cutting papers... Its a really hard work. It was 5:00 P.M and we remembered Mr.John's advice that we should go early in order to find our seats. I wore my one direction shirt with a denim short and a black converse no makeup. As for Emma she wore just like me but she put makeup. We looked just like twins but Emma sure looked prettier than me!we took the bus and I heard Emma say: Well, we are about 3 hours away of seeing them singing with their angelic voices and 7 hours away of meeting the so how you feel?"" you just don't know what I feel right now." I said. I am gonna puke and my stomach started hurting me that what happens every time I get nervous."Don't worry you will be ok unless they aren't shirtless." I smiled and we finally we reached our destination. The stage was really huge well not huge but ENORMOUS. It was covered with many directionars it is the only place were all our family meet the one direction family. We entered and found our seats and we were couple meters away of the stage. Wow tooo close!! They out some music like for 2 hours they were really teasing and boring at the same time. It was the time and I heard a voice say: Are you ready directionars!! Here it goes 5 4 3 2 1 ONE DIRECTION. All the people in the room were staring at the stage, lights were everywhere, they came out , my idols came out . Omg the feeling can't be described I had shivers goosebumps all around me. All the fans were staring at them they were more killing me on person that on this stupid glass screen or my their lips posters that tasted like wall. I really didn't pay attention on Emma I was in my own world in ANOTHER WORLD that they took me to it maybe it's called paradise or a big piece of heaven. Well I don't know but I was happy, not happy about to cry. I was speechless. I bet this night will be the best night ever


Sry for my late update and to one direction to pop out of the story, trust me the story it will be sooo good. And I might update after 4 hours I dont know love you and for all your great support. So don't forget to




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