The Bullet of Love

Liz, a 16 years old normal one direction fan, went to a concert of 1D with her friend Emma. When she finds out that she got shot defending her idols with an enemy of 1D When she spend her days at the hospital one direction came to a visits this is when she really got shot with THE BULLET OF LOVE will she fall for one of the members of one direction??? Just read and trust me is it's good!!


2. Boys stay Boys

When I stepped through the big hall of my school I could listen and see the laughs and bad words replaying along my brain. Why me? I had enough from my past and I get bullied also, well they don't understand what's in my heart , I think they're the one's who have problem not me. This is not gonna ruin my day, I said to myself whileI saw Emma by her locker looking gorgeous as usual. She had a tall blond her, a big green eyes and a cherry mouth. 

Liz: Guess what Emma?

Emma Oh hi for you too!! What is something wrong, you r smiling!!!

Liz: I won one direction tickets by radio. I was the 100 caller!!

Emma:OMG OmG 

We screamed that all the people that were in the hall heard it so "I pass a math test!! I got an A+"Emma spoke up, everybody clapped and continued what they were doing. I told Emma that tomorrow(Friday) we should not come to school in order to get the tickets. She nodded and we went on separate I had an English class and she had History, ughhh!! The day past quickly,Emma invited me to her housesoI absolutely said yes. We walked to her house talking about Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam would be perfect standing on stage performing with their angle voice. We finally came to her house, Mrs. Brown gave me a hug and invited me to drink a cup of tea. She always remind me of my mother, she always acted as a one.  He's knows that I need a mother who lead to the right ways and help to get up from my mistakes she was always there. When we finished Emma tookk me by my wrist to her room it was big and with king size bad and the room was covered with posters of one direction and Justin Bieber, she was a Bieleber before she was a directionar(who did that, by the way??)  Emma had a date with her boyfriend Max, he was cool and cute, but I didn't like him. Emma always shave this question to me"Why I don't date?" I don't love dating for many reasons, first my prince charming is waiting for me out there. Second, of the experiences of the others the relationship ends with crying and 100 tissues around your bed, yeah I really want hat!! Third the boy always treat a girl like a toy: 1)Date her

2)let her fall for me

3)Cheat on her

4) let her loose her virginity and have some fun

5)with that I be POPULAR 

That the way he boy thinks (am right everyone out here). But there always an exception, some boys are gentlemen, loyal, sweet, don't care about how hot or fit the girl is but how big is her heart. For example one direction they are the EXCEPTION and for that I truly love them. Like Harry Styles gonna date me!! Hahaha I one of the Billions, zillions. Anyways, I picked for Emma a black dress that she looks hot or fit in too( hot in American and fit in British, hahah) . She straightened her hair and applied some makeup, I think  she doesn't need make up she is gorgeous that way she is. If a boy really loves you he will love you the way you are not when you are fake(opinion).  "Liz wish me luck" Emma said waing goodbye to me when I stepped into my house. I felt lonely and bored I needed someone to cheer me up and tell me something good gonna happen. The next day I woke up with the my phone ringing


Hii, I am Emma (She was crying)

What happened?

I am coming to your house to tell you everything

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