truth,dare or KISS!

(girlxgirl)When Carly finds her self falling for her best friend Shay (who just happens to be a girl)at shays house she has a sleepover and charlie suggests they play a game of truth, dare or kiss, what they don't know is this will change everything .there friendship and love completely !


1. why was i feeling this?

I woke up in my bed still fully dressed from the night before ,I still cant believe I got to meet ONE DIRECTION !They're  only my favourite boy band of all time and to make it better I got to go with my best friend in the whole entire world Shay !

Last night was great but something happened .Whilst the boys were singing Rock me ,I turned to shay and I felt something that I had never felt before .She was standing there singing along dressed in bright pink hot pants and a 1D top and I thought to my self "WOW, shay looks sooo good her body is soo fucking perfect !"

as I went downstairs to get some breakfast the image  of shay wouldn't get out of my mind, her prefect body, cute face and her big blue eyes which totally looked great with her long thick ,curly blonde hair.


my phone buzzed and I was shocked back to reality ,it was shay asking if I wanted to go sleep round cus her parents were out of town on a work thing (,which was just another name for going to a hotel to have sex)

I text her back saying sure ill be over in 10xx

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