truth,dare or KISS!

(girlxgirl)When Carly finds her self falling for her best friend Shay (who just happens to be a girl)at shays house she has a sleepover and charlie suggests they play a game of truth, dare or kiss, what they don't know is this will change everything .there friendship and love completely !


6. what just happened

carlys pov

I woke up on top of shay ,naked ! what had happened the night before "I got pissed made out with my best friend then when we went to bed we ended up having sex!"i thought to myself and rolling of shay .I sat up . ouch my head was banging ,did I really drink that much .I checked my phone to see the time it was 10 am ,we only had an hour until ONE DIRECTION TICKETS WENT ON SALE !

I turned to see shay was stiil asleep ,she looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake her .NO. I need to we only have one hour ,but how was I going to wake her after what happened last night .I shook her softly and her eyelids fluttered ."shay you need to get up"i whispered she opened her big eyes and stared at me "what?"i said shyly looking away she didn't reply she just laid me back down started to kiss me softly on the lips .I pulled her closer and we started to do tongues each kiss getting deeper and deeper .I rolled myself on to shay and ran my fingers through her hair whilst we were still kissing after about forty five  minuets of this I pulled away

"why did you stop?"shay asked

"because we need to talk " I replied gingerly

"well go on then "shay said

"what would you say if I tolled you I had feelings for you  ?"I asked sitting up

shay sat up and said "I'd say that your not the only one feeling like this because I sort of have feelings for you too! "she sais staring deep into my eyes

"great ,so now where do we stand ? are we going to date or are we just going to be friends ?"I asked really wanting to now the answer

"well that we know that we both feel the same we should ................become an item because I really really like you Carly "she said biting her lip

"now that we now where we stand ,do we tell the others at school tomorrow ?" I asked nervously

"I think we tell them and if they don't like it they can FUCK OFF !"she shouted laying back down and pulling me with her .

I wrapped my arm around her bare back and pulled her so we were facing each other , shay started playing with my hair until we both fell back to sleep


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