truth,dare or KISS!

(girlxgirl)When Carly finds her self falling for her best friend Shay (who just happens to be a girl)at shays house she has a sleepover and charlie suggests they play a game of truth, dare or kiss, what they don't know is this will change everything .there friendship and love completely !


2. the sleepover !!!

i packed my bag for shays and went down stairs to leave a note for my dad just to say i had gone to shays he would worry if he didn't know where i was ,he never used to be so protective but ever since my little sister Clara went missing ,he likes to now where i am .

walking to shays house

text from shay=ive invited some other people like Charlie,sam,katie,james and told them to tell people xx

text to shay=great im five minuets away xxlove you

text from shay =love you  2 sexy bitch xx

five minuets later

i rang shays doorbell .No answer .that's strange i thought usually shays straight to the door.luckly i have a key to her house encase of emergencies. I put the key into the lock ,twisted it and gently pushed the door open .i ran straight up to shays room i slamed open the to see shay fast asleep on her bed. I walked over to her she looked soo peaceful i didn't want to wake her .so i just sat watching her sleep during this i felt it again the feeling i had about shay , the more i stared at her more i wanted to kiss her .........WAIT ! DID I JUST SAY I WANT TO KISS SHAY !If i want to kiss shay this means i like her .OMFG does this mean im now a lesbian ."NO"i shout inside my head its just hormones ,of course i don't like shay in that way !

i check my phone to see what time it is .oh its only 11:30 am everyone's coming round at 6ish . i lie down next to shay .i wish i looked like her ,everyone at school wants to fuck her even some girls , and i don't blame them she is flawless if i was a guy i would defo have sex with her .i fall asleep dreaming about shay .

Im woke from my blissful dream by Shay screaming "CARLY ,CARLY GET UP EVERYONES GUNNA BE HER IN 5 MINUETS WAKE UP !!!!"

"calm down shay "i say trying not to think about the fact she looks SO DARN SEXY when she is worried

"ok im calm lets go get changed "she says as calmly as she can .

we both get out are clothes im wearing a short sliver sequin dress which really shows of my  boobs (which just happen to be a 34 double-d) once im dressed i walk back into shays room to see her just in her bra and pants OMFG ,SHE LOOKS SOO HOT ,I JUST WANT TO KISS HER SOO BAD ,OMG I SAID IT AGAIN THIS TIME IM NOT EVEN GOING TO DENY IT ! I WANT TO FUCKING KISS MY BEST FRIEND !

i close my eyes  trying to snap out of it ,but when i open them shay and i are face to face about half an inch apart .

Does shay want to kiss me as much as i want to kiss her ,there's only one way to find out!

i push shay against the wall ,my hearts beating like crazy ! i move my lips closer to hers and she does the same to me . i can feel her breath on my face .now were about half a centimetre apart .we move closer and closer until ......................................

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