truth,dare or KISS!

(girlxgirl)When Carly finds her self falling for her best friend Shay (who just happens to be a girl)at shays house she has a sleepover and charlie suggests they play a game of truth, dare or kiss, what they don't know is this will change everything .there friendship and love completely !


9. back to school

I stood up and pulled shay up to my room she  still me  kissing  and moving further down my body i ran my finger through her hair and down her back until I got to the bottom of her dress ,I ripped it off and flung it on the floor starting to pull off her tights and flinging them onto the floor now shay star ted ripping off my clothes and flinging them onto the floor two.

30 minuets later me and shay were still making out in only are bra and pants but  now we were on my bed  humping each other and rolling around both groaning in pleasure between kisses suddenly I heard shay whisper into my ear "FUCK ME NOW ! DO IT HARD AND FAST I WANT UR BODY ON MINE NOW !" I pushed her hard down onto her back so I was on top and we started doing it hard and fast like she said

we carried on all night not even stopping for a minuet to check the time .when suddenly BEEP BEEP BEEP.MY FUCKING SCHOOL ALARM !I rolled myself off shay and turned it off .shay sat up and let out a small groan "why do we have to school when id rather stay home with my super sexy girlfriend "she said spanking me on the arse "because if we didn't we would be bitchy homeless people when we grow up and did you just call me your super sexy girlfriend ?"I said sitting down next to her "oh yeah I did "

"well you know what that means "I said  before  kissing her incredibly soft lips

"what "shay asked biting her bottom lip

"were officially a couple " I said pulling her off the bed "come on we'll drive past your house on the way to school so you  can change "

I walked over to my walk in wardrobe to get my clothes and do my hair .when I walked back out again shay had packed my bag for me I slowly walked over to her leaned into kiss her softly but instead she

grabbed me by the neck and started do tongues  after a couple of minuets I pulled away "come on were gonna be late "isaid picking up my bag and walking downstairs with shay following me into my car

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