Your Second Half -Complete-

I will be your friend. I will help you get the girl that you want. I will teach you things you've never experienced. You have to help me help you, but, Marcel, please don't make me fall in love with you.
*If you live under a rock and don't know who Marcel's Harry's character in Best Song Ever*


10. Preperation

I pulled into Marcel's empty drive way. His mom must not be home. I pick up my bag from the passenger seat and get out of my car. As I walk the path to his front door I can't help but feel sad. I don't know why, I'm just sad.

I knock on his door and he answers with a smile and I force one back. He steps aside to let me in and I walk straight up to his room with him not to far behind. I set my bag on his bed and settle myself next to it. Marcel walked into the room; he was wearing joggers and a white T. His hair was its natural self and he wore his glasses. "Where are you taking her?" I ask, trying to get my mind off certain things. "I was thinking we eat first, then I take her on a tour of the Amphitheater." "Amphitheater?" "Yeah, I know a guy who works there and he said he wouldn't mind me showing a friend around." "What's so great about the Amphitheater?" "Well...I don't know. I think it's pretty cool how everything there is so professional. It's way better than our theater at school."

I nodded, "OK sounds like a plan. Where do you plan on taking her for dinner?" "This Italian place downtown by the theater." "That's a great id-...Wait! You don't have a car!" I exclaim. "Oh yeah, completely forgot about that." " can use mine" I shrug. "Really? Are you sure?" "Yeah...As long as you know how to drive" I giggle.


"So we should go over some things that you should expect out of this date." He nodded. "Okay so when you go to pick her up give her like...a gift of some sort." "What kind of gift?"

"Like a rose or something."

"Don't you think that's kind of cliché?" he scrunches his nose.

"Do you have a better idea?" He shook his head 'no'.

" a rose it is."

"What else should I do?"

"Remember to complement, that's always a good thing. Oh and bring up things that she's interested in and somehow incorporate that into the date. So your 'Amphitheater' idea is perfect."

"What else should I talk to her about?”

“Marcel…you act like you’ve never been on a date before” I giggle. He looks down as his face turns crimson.

“You haven’t?!” I ask in complete shock. He as to be at least seventeen and he’s never been on a date?

He shakes his head. No wonder he’s so nervous about this. “Okay well that’s why I’m here, right?” He looks up at me and smiles and I give one in return.


Over the past three hours Marcel and I have been planning. We arranged his outfit, a time to pick up Summer, what he should say or do while they’re eating and trust me, it was a lot of work.

“I think that about covers it” I smile. I stand up and pack up all my things. “W-well, what do I do once it’s over a-and I take her home?” “What do you mean?” “What do I say…or do?”

“Oh, say you had a great time and that you’re glad that she went out with you. You should hug her too; maybe even kiss her if the moment’s right.”

His eyes widened, “Kiss her?” “Yeah?” I giggle. “Um…how do-… nevermind.”

Was he about to ask me ‘how do I do that?’ Oh please let that not be the case. It probably is, he’s never even been on a date with a girl let alone kiss one. I can’t make assumptions though.

“You’ve never kissed a girl neither?” I ask sympathetically. He looks down at his lap, “I’ve never even really talked to a girl before you Lori.”

That’s really depressing. I can’t even imagine how he feels. Liking someone that has no idea that you exist. Or they did know but they classified you as a ‘D’ lister. That’s why I want to help him, because everybody deserves somebody. Even though my love life is non-existent doesn’t mean I can’t help with another while my Prince Charming is waiting.

“Oh…” I spoke quietly. That was really all I could say at the moment. “Would you teach me?” he nervously asks. “Teach you…how to kiss?” I giggle. He shrugs his shoulders and nods, “Yeah.”

My eyes widen, oh he was serious.

“O-okay, stand up.” He stands before me. “Put your hands on my waist.” He raised his eyebrows. I playfully rolled my eyes before taking both of his wrists and laying his hands on my waist. He nervously gulped when I took a step closer. “If you can’t handle a girl being this close to you than you shouldn’t kiss them” I giggled. “I can...It’s just…never mind.”

“Alright, now purse your lips.” “What?” he laughed. I pinched both of his lips and press them together so they’d poke out. “Like this” I smile and release them. “Should I keep these on?” he asked, scrunching his nose, making his glasses wiggle. “Are you gonna wear them tomorrow?” He shook his head no. “So, let’s take them off.” I reach up and remove the glasses from his face. I fold the arms and toss them onto his bed. Marcel blinks a couple times before fixating his gaze on me.

I lay my hands on his shoulders, “Lean in” I whisper. Our eyes are locked as he hesitantly comes closer. He’s slow and unsure of himself. I slowly start to lean in as well. We’re close enough for our noses to brush and I flutter my eyes closed at the feeling. He decreases the space between us and slowly places his lips on mine. As the kiss grows a bit deeper my veins bolted. My head spun and my heart rate quickened. The feeling was unimaginable. I couldn’t believe it…no, this wasn’t happening. Marcel was not standing right in front of me with his lips pressed against mine.

I had to see for myself. The feeling wasn’t enough; I had to see it with my own eyes. I opened them, only to see that he was already looking at me through hooded eyes. I pulled away with a light gasp. He had an unreadable expression on his face. I took a step back making Marcel drop his hands from my waist and to his sides. “I-I should go” I choked out, grabbing my bag and heading out of his room, leaving him standing there frozen. I hurried down the steps, trying to get to the door as quickly as possible. “Lori, wait!” I heard his footsteps coming down the staircase.

I swiftly opened the front door and took a glance behind me; he stood there at the bottom of the staircase, watching me leave. His once unreadable expression now had all sorts of words written in perfect calligraphy. Content. Flustered. Stunned. Pleased. Hesitant. But most of all…Desperation. Clearly written in black and white.

“Close your eyes next time…” was the last thing I said before closing the door behind me and pacing to my car.

That did not just happen, I tried to convince myself. No matter how much I try to tell myself that…it did happen. I did kiss Marcel. I did grow some sort of feeling. I did walk away, because I was the coward, I was the one that couldn’t handle it…not Marcel.

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