Your Second Half -Complete-

I will be your friend. I will help you get the girl that you want. I will teach you things you've never experienced. You have to help me help you, but, Marcel, please don't make me fall in love with you.
*If you live under a rock and don't know who Marcel's Harry's character in Best Song Ever*


8. Oh Anastasia

Sunday afternoon came the next day (Obviously) and I found myself...confused. Lately I've been having vibes running throughout my body, seeking attention. They're uninvited but they find a way to come in. I feel tingly sometimes. Like mini fireworks are blasting from my core to stomach and back again. I know...I can practically smell the pheromones on me. Shower time! cold shower time...

After a quick, cool shower I dried and rolled my hair into a sock bun. I put on some yoga shorts and a white T to lounge around in. My dad was still asleep so I had to be quiet while making us lunch.

I can't shake this feelings though. A shiver runs down my spine as strange thoughts come to mind making me clamp my legs together. Chill out, I tell myself. I take in a deep breath and exhale. What has all this come from? It started almost a week ago, Wednesday to be exact. What happened on Wednesday?

I was running to class on Wednesday.

I bumped into Marcel on Wednesday.

Officially met Marcel on Wednesday.

Was almost late to English on Wednesday.

Met with Marcel in the booth on Wednesday.

Made a plan with Marcel on Wednesday.

Gave my word to devote my time to Marcel on Wednesday.

Marcel Marcel Marcel...Wednesday.



So I was so wrapped up in thought that my grilled cheese burned. So here I am, eating a crispy grilled cheese while my dad enjoys the 'normal' one. I'm so bored. I might as well do something I haven't done in a while...pick up a book. "Dad, what's this '50 Shades of Grey' about?" "Oh, kiddo, that's for mature audiences." "I'm mature..." I reply offended. "Says the girl that sleeps with her night light." "Whatever, I'm still reading it."

That was a mistake.

I read that book in five hours and didn't come out of my room, till dinner, because of it. I'm scarred for life.

"Don't ever let me read anything in your book collection again." "Told you so" my dad grinned.

Oh poor Anastasia

 *vibrate* So we dance all ni-..."

Oh poor me.



"Hey Marcel -.- what's up?" "My mom feels terrible about what happened yesterday." "Tell her to not be, lot's of people don't know and it's OK." "You sure? You seemed pretty upse-..." "I'm sure." "O-ok, so what are you up to?"

"I just got done being robbed of my childhood" I joked. "What?" "Nothing" i giggled "I just finished this really erotic I'm a bit traumatized. Anyway, I've been at home all day being bored." "Why don't you...I don't know, meet up with your friends?" I laughed at his term 'meet up'. "Why don't you?" I tease back.

"I-I don't have any friends. Well, besides you" he mumbles.

Poor Marcel.

"We can hang out if you want" I suggested. "Oooorrr you can go out with that Cory guy." I could just hear his grin through the phone. I frown, "And why would I do that?" "B-because he seems to like you and you never give him a chance."

"I. Don't. Like. Him. That. Way" I staccato-ed. "Well imagine if that was me." I instantly tinge pink, WTF. "I-I mean imagine if I were Cory, you were Summer and Summer was you. What would Summer tell Lori." "To give him a chance" I mumbled, not exactly wanting to admit that he was right."Correct. So give him a chance." "Thanks Dr. Phil" I joke. 


"So Lor-..." "Yes" I answer without even hearing the question. "What?" "I said 'yes'. I'll go out with you." "R-really?" "Are you saying you don't want to take me out?" I tease. "Of course not. I do...really. I-I'm glad you said yes" he stammered. "Time and place?" "There's this movie that premieres on Wednesday. It's only in town for the one night." "Sounds nice. I'll meet you at the theater at 8 then?" "Sure."

I turned to close my locker. "Oh and nice glasses." "Thanks" I smiled.

Yes...glasses. I woke up late and putting contacts in wasn't an option. I threw on a quick outfit and rushed out the door with 10 minutes left to spare. I barely had time to do my hair. Gladly it was in a bun and when I took it out...curls.

Wait. Did he say Wednesday? Oh great. Is Wednesday supposed to be symbolic for when my 'big girl' flame ignited? Just thinking about it is making me all hot and bothered. Thankfully it's lunch time...I need a brake.

I turned to walk down the hall when I bumped into a hard body. Seriously? This huge hallway and they find a way to get in MY way? My glasses drop to the floor. Ugh, that's why I don't like these damn things. I bend down and pick them up. "Since when did we trade places?" he chuckles. I fix my glasses on my face, "Marcel?" Speaking of Wednesday. He playfully looks around the empty hallway, "Is there anybody else here?" he sarcastically asks. I roll my eyes.

"I see you've changed style." He did...really. His hair was in its natural state and he wore the clothes that I sorted. "Since when did you wear glasses?" he asked me. "Since when did you NOT wear glasses?" I joke, but it was true, he didn't have them on. "Can you see?" I asked. "Eh..." he shrugged.

"This is SO worth the album." He gave me a confused look as I brought out my phone. "Take a picture with me." I held the phone as I stood next to him. We both had wide, cheeky grins when I snapped the picture. I giggle when I saw it then save it in my 'Junior :D' album.


"I took your advice" I told Marcel as we were walking into theater class. "YOU took MY advice?" "Yeah" I laughed, "First time for everything right?" "What advice though?" "I have a date with Cory on Wednesday." Damn that day."Really? That's great."

His words were meant for enthusiasm but his expression said otherwise. His face...blank. His smile...fake. His words...meaningless 

A/N: Sorry for the crap chapter :) I have a few more stories I'm doing so I'm sort of cramming. Check out my other story 'Remember Your Promise'. I'm almost finished with it so if you want to read a completed that one! And I really do enjoy reading comments because they keep me writing. So please comment! Any suggestions on what should happen next?



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