Your Second Half -Complete-

I will be your friend. I will help you get the girl that you want. I will teach you things you've never experienced. You have to help me help you, but, Marcel, please don't make me fall in love with you.
*If you live under a rock and don't know who Marcel's Harry's character in Best Song Ever*


4. Her 'Type'

A/n: hey hey! haha anyway i hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

School is about to start and my locker won't open! Ugh! I need to get to music class and I can't get my music sheets because they're stuck in my locker. "Need some help with that?" A voice calls from behind. I squeeze my eyes shut and hope he can just go away. "No, it's ok, I got it." "Come on, let me help." I silently curse myself for letting him see my struggle and wanting to help. I move out of his way so he can open my locker.

  He takes out a flathead screw driver and cracks open my locker. Well that was easy. "Um thanks Cory." "No problem. So I was wondering..." Oh here we go " would you want to go out with me this weekend? We can go wherever you want." He rushed the last part as if it was supposed to change my mind. I feel so bad for him, but not bad enough to force myself upon a date.  

"I uh I wish I could but..." Just then Marcel walks by, perfect timing! I grab him by the collar and pull him by my side, "I'm hanging out with Marcel over the weekend." "You are?" Marcel enquires. I give him the 'play along' look, "yes I am" I say through gritted teeth. I turn back to Cory, "So maybe some other time" I force a smile. "Oh ok" he says and walks away looking defeated.  

I turn and see Marcel shaking his head and smiling. He opens his mouth to say something but I cut him short, "what are you wearing?" "Uh, what do you mean?" "Are these suspenders, I ask taking one, pulling it back and letting it go so it snaps. "Ow" he complains, rubbing over the sting. "I told you to wear something nice." I take my music sheets out of my locker and slam it shut. "Well, I think I look spiffy."   What the hell did he just say?  

"Spiffy? Marcel, yesterday with the vest top and today with the suspenders" I sigh shamefully. He just shrugs his shoulders as if nothing's wrong. "Look, I'm not saying it isn't cute. It is, it's a nice look for you but most girls don't like that ok?" He nods his head. He acts as if her doesn't mind but I know he does. It's true; Marcel was undeniably cute with his thick rimmed glasses and slicked back hair. Sometimes I wonder what's behind all his nerdy attire.  

"I gotta go to class." I pat him on the shoulder and turn down the hall to get to music. "No suspenders tomorrow" I call. I look over my shoulders to see him laughing at my request.


Excellent! Summer is sitting at our table today! Time to work my magic. "Hey guys." "Hey Lori, not having any lunch?" Ashlyn asks. "No, not that hungry. Hey Veronica, Summer." "Hey" they say in unison. "So what's up" Ashlyn asks. "Nothing really, but I did meet this guy yesterday." "Ouh, is he cute?" Veronica chirps. "Um yeah" I shrug " he's in our theatre class." "Ryker?!" Summer cheers. Oh great, she has interest in someone else. "N-no, he works in the light/ sound booth." "Oh that nerdy kid Marcel?" Veronica scoffs. "He's not that bad and we're just friends."

"Sure, 'just friends'". Summer winks. Anyway, nerds aren't really my type so he's a D lister." She giggles and high fives Veronica. Prissy bitches.   "D lister?" Ashlyn asks. "Ranking..." Veronica says as if we were supposed to know. "So basically Marcel is a D because he's nerdy and strange yet cute" Summer states. At least she said cute, that's a start right ?  

"Well, what types of guys do you like?" I ask, ready to jot down some mental notes.  

"Ones that DON'T wear glasses" she giggles.  

That can be changed.  

"Ones that do cute little gestures."  

That won't be hard.  

"They have to play a sport... Or at least be fit."

  Dammit! Ok sports are a 'no go' but Marcel can be fit... Right? I haven't seen.  

"And those who can complement and hit on a girl... Of course."   

Work work work  

"That's like a dream guy" Ashlyn cooes and Summer nods her head.

  If a dream guy is what she wants, a dream guy Marcel shall be.

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