Your Second Half -Complete-

I will be your friend. I will help you get the girl that you want. I will teach you things you've never experienced. You have to help me help you, but, Marcel, please don't make me fall in love with you.
*If you live under a rock and don't know who Marcel's Harry's character in Best Song Ever*


5. First Mission

A/n: sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was on the airplane. I just came back home from visiting my home town in California. Anyway...hope you enjoy   


    I sigh, "Again... What are you wearing?"     

  So I was going to 'launch' our first mission, but not when it look like he just hopped of a musical stage

.       "What? You said no suspenders." I groan and grab him by the wrist. I drag him down the hall and push open the bathroom door. My body was in but Marcel  refused. "What are you doing? This is the girls' bathroom." I roll my eyes, "School hasn't even started yet and it's not like we're breaking any rules." I give him another tug and he stumbles into the bathroom. I shut the door and lock it. "Happy?" "Uh..." He just stands there awkwardly.

      "Okay, first things first. Take off this damn bow tie." I untie it and throw it to the floor. "Hey!" He leans to  pick it up. I grab his shoulder and point a finger in his face, "Leave it." He sighed and stood straight again. "White button up... Nice choice but let's roll up these sleeves." I rolled them until they were right below his elbows.      

"Here, lets unbotton these two." I undo his top two buttons and see a little pendant around his neck. "Whats this?" i ask, fiddling with the pendant which seems to be a paper plane. "Just something I got for my birthday a few years back." "It's cute" I smile as I reposition his collar. A red tint rises onto his face.      


"No" I groan "why are your pants up so high?" I mumble to myself and pull at his pants. He nervously clears his throat when I pull out his tucked in shirt. "I'm not trying to get into your pants" I giggle, trying to lighten his mood.      

"Your hair is like... Too perfect" I say and receive a light laugh. I run my hands through it and instantly pull back. "Is that grease?" He just shrugs his shoulders. "Who are you? John Travolta?" I enquire and wipe my hands on his shoulders. "Hair is gonna be for another time."      

"Are you done?" He hopefully asks. I take my bottom lip between my teeth, observing how he looks. I kneel down and feel on the fabric of his pants. "Are these dress pants?" "Yup" he proudly states. I sigh and sand back up.      

"Do you have jeans... Preferably skinny?" "I think I have a pair." "Alright, how about converse because, bro... Those dress shoes are not gonna work." He laughs, "yeah I have some."    

    Now I sort of feel bad for downgrading his wardrobe. Oops      

  I lay my hands on his shoulders and say, "Again... I don't care how you dress. I quite like the nerdy look, but... Summer doesn't and I'm just trying to help you out, ok?" He nods and sends me a sad smile. I know he doesn't want to change himself entirely and neither do I but we both agreed to do this so it has to be done.    


    As soon as Mr. Leeroy dismisses us for our weekly improv, I dash to the light/ sound booth.       Ain't nobody got time for improv ;)      

"Hey, Lo-..." "No time for that."    

  "Uh ok?" "You see Summer setting up stage over there?" I point through the window. He nods, "yup." "Well, you're gonna go talk to her" I smile.    

  "Wait? What?! I can't just go talk to her, what am I supposed to say?" He rambles. "You're gonna help her with that box that she's trying to carry across stage."      

"What if she doesn't need help?" "Stop making excuses, get off your lazy arse and help her out!"       "O-ok."    

  "Don't be nervous. Just casually act as if you're picking up props and once you 'notice' her struggle, help her. Simple."    

  "Sure..." He says uneasily and walks out the booth. I follow but lean against the outside and watch as he walks to the stage.    

    He does as told and places a few props in their correct places while Summer is still having trouble with a box. I watch as he asks her for his assistance and he gladly accepts...yes! As he walks across stage Summer walks with him and they hold a little conversation.      


  This is probably his first time ever talking to her... Proud momma over here!       I notice his cheeks tint a few times. I've known Summer for a little while and I know she's the one to flirt, it's like a pass time for her. So I had no doubt that her careless flirting was shading Marcel's cheeks.       The way he smiled at her was cute. Like a little puppy wanting attention and after all this time, he's got it.    

  I know why he likes her. She's a pretty girl. With her curly blonde hair, big blue eyes and a tan that looked as if she lived on the beach. Her name fits her well.    

  After a few more boxes were placed correctly, Summer thanked Marcel and walked back to Veronica. He looked beyond the seats at me and smiled. I grinned and sent him thumbs up.               

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