Open Your Eyes

Tara's life was fine..up until 6 months ago. 5 months ago Tara and her father moved to London. Since then..she hasnt made any friends. She's an outsider, bullied. She doesnt cut, she smokes, drinks, and avoids every living being around her. What she doesnt realize is that when her dad gets her an interview for a job, her whole life will change and so will the entire earth population.

A Zayn Malik fanfiction :)


1. Who I Am

          It's hard, living in a strange place, especially  if you arent welcomed. I've completely isolated myself, no friends (not that anyone wants to be mine), no mom, barely any dad. Its just me, music, and the bad stuff. I'm 17 years old. I moved here, in London about 6 months ago, in late February. My parents were always fighting before the move from L.A. when Dad got a job transfer. Well he isnt my real dad, just a bum i was forced to call Dad. He and my mom were engaged and he had LEGALLY adopted me! Two weeks before the move, my grandmother had passed away. My mom had  inherited 1.5 million dollars (Grandma was a bit rich). My "dad" was greedy, selfish. A few days after Grandma's funeral.. he murdered my mom so i could inherit the money. Since they werent married he couldnt use that money..unless it became mine. He was smart about her murder too, made it look accidental. He drugged her then found pills to spill around her, placed the bottle in her hands. Like she overdosed, suicide. He and i packed our bags and fled to London earlier than we and his boss planned.

         It's because of all that, that i suffer depression, drink, smoke 1 to 2 packs a day. And because i started doing that, people judged me too quick. It was all just too much to take in.



  xX Hey guys!! Thank you for starting to read this movella!! I honestly hope you like it. Sorry for the short chapter. It's just that the original first chapter is written like 2 seperate chapters  so thats what i am making them. I will be constantly updating today up until chapter stuck haha so keep reading and waiting. Feel free to like or favorite this movella and comment ideas below!! After chapter 10 i might have a contest for a.. drum roll please... Co- Author!! Alo after chapter 10 this movella will only be updated on Fridays :) Xx

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