Don't hurt me!

He is out there... He wants me! Why me?! My mom? My dad? They are already gone, got into a wreck with a drunk coming home from a date night. My brother is all I have left.. besides 4 other boys that will do anything to protect me.


12. The Clue?

Jacob's POV

Yes... They let me go! I showed "improvement." Now since I can't go directly to the source I'm going to have to get as close to the source as possible. Which means since I can't get to Aaryn because of.. of.. What's their name? Oh yea. I can't get to Aaryn because of Liam and his friends. Which means... Kaylee. Her childhood friend since Pre-K.

Liam's POV

We finally decided to go home. Its going to be weird not having Kylee around but we WILL find her!!!!!

"Liam.......why didn't we call the cops when we found out you know who was missing?" Niall asks. Then a note fly through the window. The note says

You call the cops and your precious Kylee DIES!!!!!!

"okay I won't." Niall replies.

"what do we do to get Kyle back and get her back alive?" I ask the air hoping that the person who threw the note would hear me. Another note flies through the window the note says
Switch Kylee for Aaryn no cops just one of you, Aaryn, me, and Kylee.


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