Don't hurt me!

He is out there... He wants me! Why me?! My mom? My dad? They are already gone, got into a wreck with a drunk coming home from a date night. My brother is all I have left.. besides 4 other boys that will do anything to protect me.


8. Deep Trouble!

Liam's POV 

"AARYN HOPE PAYNE!!!!!!" My face is as red as a tomato. Before I get a chance to run to Aaryn's room Kaylee stops me. 

"No you can't go in there. She will know I told you because Niall, Air and I are the only ones that know about the whole dating situation. Besides why are you mad? If anything Air should be mad we are dating. You are her brother and I am her best friend!" 

"Fine. If Niall hurts her..." I clench my fist "He will feel 10x worse than what he does to Aaryn!"

"Fine by me. Beside I got even a better idea." She moves closer and leans in for a kiss. 

We stop. "What's that darling?"

"I can sleep with you, Zayn can sleep in Niall's room, and Niall can sleep with Air." 

"Great idea!" We lean in for another kiss.


Aaryn's POV 

KAYLEE!! I knew I shouldn't have followed them but I know Kaylee. She won't keep a secret from me or her beloved boyfriend. 

"Niall! Kaylee just told Liam about us! He's gonna kill me!" I run back to my room with Niall. I lock the doors! I sit in a corner clutching myself expecting Liam to come pounding on the door. Niall comes over. 

"Hey baby, everything is going to be okay. After all you kept your cool when Kaylee and Liam started dating."

We were interrupted by a GENTLE knock on the door. I walk over cautiously. "Yea?" It's Liam. 

"Can we talk in here? IN PRIVATE!" 

"Yea. Niall can you please leave?"

"Sure thing." Once he gets behind Liam he winks. I close the door. 

"Aaryn. Kaylee told me that You and Niall are dating."

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I knew you were going to be mad. I really like him"

"I was mad but then Kaylee told me that you were cool when Kay and I started dating so Why couldn't I be cool when you and Niall started dating? To make it up I had an idea..." 

"I'm listening..." 

"Kaylee can move in with me, Zayn can sleep in Niall's room and, Niall can sleep with you." 

"You won't be mad?" 

"No, but if he hurts you I will hurt him 10x worse!" 


Jacob's POV

The time has come! My evil plan will be put to the test starting today. I will be extra nice and then they will think I have improved and let me go. Once they let me go I will find my beloved Aaryn. Ready or not... here I come! 

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