Being the Sister

Hi! My name is Emily Horan. I have long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I am 19 years old. My brother is THE Niall Horan. *AHHHHH* Ya NO, he's an ass. He is 21 and is still in his band One Direction. I am also Singer though like him. I am doing amazing in my career. My parents died when I was 15 so I live with Niall. This is my story...


10. Starbucks:


I am 21 now and I am still the one and only Emily Horan. I haven't talked to anyone from One Direction in over two years. I still watch their interviews. They still talk about me a lot. I finally did a world tour. I am still insanely famous. One Direction is STILL famous. Louis is 27 now. Niall is 24. i miss everyone BUT Niall. What he did still hurts me to this day. I had just gotten out of the studio after Recording my new hit "Gone". I decided to go to Starbucks. I drove my jeep there and got out. I went up and ordered a Caramel Frappachino. I told them my name and they asked for proof of I.D once I showed them my I.D they apologized. I wasn't mad though. I bet girls everywhere put on hoods and shades and pretended to be me. After two minutes of waiting they finally called my name. Girls whipped there heads around as I smiled. I had taken off my hoodie and shades now. they all gasped. I grabbed my drink and was walking out when someone grabbed my wrist. I turned around and saw Louis smiling like a goof. I laughed,.

"What do you want Carrot King" I asked,

"Do you wanna swing by and hang out we all really miss you" he asked.

I sighed, It was about time I went back and saw them. My hair was blonde still. I had a few more tattoos. 

I sighed again "Alright"

"Are you serious" he gasped

"Yea i guess it's about time I saw you lads again" I said with a smile.

"Ok, I walked here" He said while throwing away a napkin.

" Then we shall take my jeep" i said in a posh tone.

"You first m'lady" he replied. 

We both laughed as he got in he drivers seat and drove there. The house was bigger than mine by a little. Louis pulled up into the driveway and pulled out his phone. he walked over next to me. 

"Management put cameras in the house to watch us but I hacked them so I can see what's going on anywhere" he said with a evil smile. 

"Find all the boys: i said.

"All watching the telly" He said while pointing at his phone.

"Perfect" i said as I walked over to the door. 

I quietly snuck in. I crawled behind the couch and nobody noticed me. I stood up behind them and said

"What;s up Bitches"

They all turned around really fast. There mouths were wide open. I tapped each of their noses. 

"Close your mouth you'll catch flies" I said. 

They closed there mouths and stared at me. I laughed and ran out the door to my car and drove home. I'm such a tease....

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