Being the Sister

Hi! My name is Emily Horan. I have long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I am 19 years old. My brother is THE Niall Horan. *AHHHHH* Ya NO, he's an ass. He is 21 and is still in his band One Direction. I am also Singer though like him. I am doing amazing in my career. My parents died when I was 15 so I live with Niall. This is my story...


5. Pool:

May and I went and got matching blue and pink ends. This what we looked like:

(May: Top  Emily:Bottom)


We were going to have a pool day today! May and I both being total idiots forgot freaking bathing suits. The house has a outside pool, indoor pool, and a hot tub in May's room and one in my room. May and I's rooms were next to each other connected by a door. We ran to my car and drove in to town. There were only a few fans there. We went to a store called Naughty & Nice to get the bathing suits. We grabbed the ones we liked at got a matching outfit to go with them. When we got to the cash register May stepped behind me so she could pay for hers seperate. I grabbed her stuff and put it on the table. She looked at me confused. I smiled "I'm in the mood to spoil you and this whole trip is on me". She smiled the cashier had finished ringing it up when I gave her my card. She looked at me and gasped "Your Emily Horan! OMG I am such a huge fan"! I looked up at her "Really how old are you" I asked. "Im 18" She laughed. I smiled and grabbed our stuff. We walked back to the car and drove to the store. We needed food for the house. I sent May off with a cart and told her to grab whatever she wanted. When we were done we both had two carts filled with food. "Oh shit, May are you a good cook" I asked. She laughed " With my salary I have a cook/maid" I gasped "Oh my god Nina!". May looked at me confues "Um what?" I looked at her "Book another flight I want my maid/cook to come over and we need to set up the other room upstairs at the house for her." She smiled "On it Boss" I laughed and repeated the joke she told me "Just another day at the office'. She smiled. I went and paid for the food and had to have 3 people help load my jeep. My jeep went from the very back to the middle seats covered in food. When we got home May and I unpacked the food into the fridge and pantry then got our bathing suits on. 

May's Bikini: 

Emily's Bikini:

We walked out and took of our cover up clothes. We both had our hair in messy buns. I grabbed the water proof tanning lotion from my bag and we both put some on. I went and got in the pool. This the pool:

May went and grabbed a few tan cushioned lay down pool chairs. She out them on the side of the pool then stepped in. We went to the bar thats next to the pool and got Pina Coladas. Yea I know she's only 17 but I mean hey were in paradise. Simon is her legal guardian because her parents died after she started working for me and Simon trusts me 10x more than any of the boys. We stayed in the pool for 30 minutes then tanned for an hour. I was walking back in when I heard the doorbell ring. "NINA!" I screamed. Nina is 36 and is Puerto Rican. She is so funny. She finds it funny how since I've always been famous I don't know how to cook and I just shove things around instead of cleaning.  She is like a mom or a gran to me. I ran over to the door still in my bikini and opened it. Nina was standing there laughing "Did you miss me that much" she asked still laughing. "Yes, I had to go out to eat because neither me or May could cook" I wined. "Alright Baby Girl I'm here now and I will stay at a motel down the street" She said. I grabbed her things from her "Don't be silly we both know I'm not a stuck up brat who is mean. You will be staying upstairs in one of the bedrooms" 'Aww Ms. Emily you really are to kind" She smiled. I smiled back "I try". We picked up her things right as Megan walked in. She helped us carry the things inside. After we got Nina settled we me and Megan went to our rooms and put on some pajamas. It was already 5:30. I got dressed in this:

May went and got on:

I walked into her room and threw my black and gray Panda slippers "What a freaky coincidence I brought these" I sadi. She laughed and put them on. We went downstairs and saw Nina in her pajamas cooking some Spaghetti. I'm not the person to tell her maid what to wear. Nina one day just wore a tank top and a pair of PJ shorts and I didn't care. I decided to text one of the boys:

To: LouBear xx

Hey do you guys wanna Face Time and watch a movie?

To: EmmyWemmy

Of course what movie?

To: LouBear xx

Les Miserables

To: EmmyWemmy

Ok call you in 30. We are eating dinner.

To: LouBear xx

Same. Is Niall There?

To: EmmyWemmy

Ya but he's in his room with Molly. Don't worry we all heard what happened and we all are on you side. Molly is such a twat!

To: LouBear xx

I cant believe he choose bitch over blood!  I g2g I flew Nina to my secret location and now she just finished making spaghetti!

To: EmmyWemmy

Ok I'll see you in 30

I went and sat at the table as Nina brought in our bowls. May and I thanked Nina then dug in. Half way through eating I heard my phone ring. I ran to the couch and grabbed it. It was Niall calling. I declined it and texted him.

To: Little Leprechaun  

Fuck Off!

To: Baby Bird


To: Little Leprechaun

You're not dad and I should know because he actually listened to his own daughter so leave me alone! Im fucking 19 I don't have to come back if I don't want to. 

To: Baby Bird

You're such a bitch!

I started crying. Nina ran to me and started hugging me. I had already called her earlier and told her what happened because she needed to tell the cab driver the address anyway. i wasn't crying over Niall, I was crying because I missed my mom and dad. My mom died of Breast Cancer. Two months after that my dad died in an explosion at the construction sight he was at. I was more devastated than him. I was always mo my and daddy's angel. They also loved Niall and Greg but I never disobeyed them so I was always under the spotlight. Greg was also under the spotlight for his amazing grades but Niall Oh boy! Niall was a complete rebel until he went off for X-Factor. He came home and was a little better but still not an angel child like me or Greg. GREG!!! I forgot to tell him what happened. Me and Greg were always close even though he was older. He protected me unlike Niall who made fun of me. I ran to my phone and called Greg. Once he answered he knew I was sad. I told him everything that happened between me and Niall. He was furious! He said he had to go. He was married to Denise. She was so sweet. They had a three year old named Mariah and a one year old named Devin. Once I got off the call my Ipad was ringing meaning the boys were face timing me. I ran upstairs grabbed it and fixed my eyeliner and mascara that had run down my face. I ran and jumped on the couch and answered the call. I saw the boys faces light up. Niall and Liam weren't there so Liam was either back at his moms or with Danielle. This will be fun...





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