Being the Sister

Hi! My name is Emily Horan. I have long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I am 19 years old. My brother is THE Niall Horan. *AHHHHH* Ya NO, he's an ass. He is 21 and is still in his band One Direction. I am also Singer though like him. I am doing amazing in my career. My parents died when I was 15 so I live with Niall. This is my story...


3. Leaving:

We were on a 2 month break from tour. Today Niall's girlfriend was coming over. His girlfriend was Molly. She was kind of a bitch. I was getting dressed when I heard the doorbell to our 6 bedroom summer house ring. I hurried and got dressed into:

I opened to see none other than the one and only Selena. 

'Hey Molly" I replied trying to start the conversation on a good start. 

"Oh you're here" She replied in an annoyed tone.

"Yes Dear I live here" I said smiling obnoxiously. 

"Ugh Piss Off Emily" She retorted with a glare. 

"I just went to the bathroom I'm good for now" I smiled and evil grin.

"Just go die bitch. Where's Niall" 

Just as Molly said that Niall ran downstairs.

"Hey babe" Niall said happily and pulled her in for a kiss.

"No PDA in the kitchen" I yelled at them.

Niall laughed while Molly secretly glared at me. I laughed and sauntered back to my room. 


Molly was 22. She worked at Star Photography. She hated me because she always thought that I was stealing her from Niall. She was a total attention whore. She was actual just a total whore. She always slept around but I let her be with Niall because I warned him and he told me I was wrong. They have been together for 3 months. 

Me and Niall were going out tonight for dinner with me her and him. 

Molly's Dress:


Emily's Dress:

I curled my hair and did a smoky eye look. I walked downstairs where Niall and Molly were standing. 

"Holy crap Emily you look amazing" Niall gushed.

"Why thank you little leprechaun" I joked.

"Hey! I am two years older" He said

I looked at him "Ya but in maturity who is older"

He wined "That's not fair! You cant do that!"

'Exactly" I said before we walked out. 

Molly kept texting me and calling me a whore. I was done with this. I grabbed Molly and pulled her outside the restaurant. 

"Bitch what the fuck is your problem" I yelled at her.

"My problem is you" She yelled getting in my face.

' I think your problem is your and attention whore and you just love to make my life hell. Well guess what its not working" I screamed in her face.

She got really close to me "You are a slut"

I smirked and evil smirk. 

"ennie mennie minne moe

you aint nothing but a hoe

you think your cute you think you classy

but hey bitch your fucking nasty."

I sang to her. She put her hand in the air and slapped me across the face. After I recovered from the slap as Niall ran outside. Being the attention whore she is Molly ran to him and started to "cry" to him. 

'Babe what happened" Niall cooed.

She sniffled and looked at me "I didn't do anything and your sister dragged me out here and called me and an attention whore and slapped me" she sobbed. 

I was positive my mouth was in a complete o. I was about to speak when Niall yelled.


I laughed "Ok, believe bitch over blood. I just want you to know that....I FUCKING HATE YOUR GUTS! YOU WANT ME GONE THEN YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!" I ran to the street and flagged a cab. I got in and gave him my adress. When we got there I gave him 100 pounds when the fair was only 20 and told him to forget my adress. He nodded and thanked me. I ran into the house and packed my suitcase. All the boys were out with their girlfriends. I grabbed my phone and saw 0 new calls 0 new messages. Wow didnt he really care about me. Right now we were in Australia, so I called my assistant May. 

(E- Emily  M- May)

E- Hello darling

M- Hello Ms. Horan

E- Call me Emily

M- Yes ma'am

E- Could you please get two tickets to Hawaii and rent a beach house for two months

M- Are you and Niall going on vacation

E- No actually me and you are going to paradise

M- I'm only a partial assistant though

E- Consider yourself promoted and just for the trouble you salary has just tripled.

M- Thank You Emily I will have the car come pick you up

E- Ok meet me at my place in 15 minutes and make sure your packed for two months in heaven. 

M- I dont know if I can I will go broke

E- I will pay you to be my friend/assistant for those two months ok

M- What about Caroline and Taylor

E- They left the tour to go back to family and Taylor is pregnant and Caroline is getting married

M- What type of plane seat would you like and what type of flat

E- Im filthy rich. We are actually taking the private jet now that I think of it and get me the most amazing beach house ever

M- Yes ma'am

E- Thanks May your the best

M- Just another day at the office

E- Well now instead of working Im paying you to take a vacation to paradise

M- Sounds fun I'll be there to help pack in 10 minutes

E- Alright sound god bye

M- Goodbye Emily


May came over and was already packed completely. She helped me pack and we loaded the car. I left the boys a note:

I needed a vacation. Tell Niall not to contact

me and if you want to know why ask him.

I am going to paradise with May my assistant for

the rest of the break. If you need anything

call me. I love you guys. Have fun on break

          xxEmily :)

This was going to amazing. I was going to have a Niall free two months. This will be amazing. I am going to spoil May like a baby. She is only 17. Here I come Paradise...

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