Diminishing Hate, Growing Love (One Direction Fanfic)

CREDIT TO MY FRIEND EMILY for writing this introduction kinda into the story because I was having difficulties :P

And also this story is inspired by a fan fic called Hired For Styles written by one of my favorite authors, @fanficsforbabes. My story is a different take on being hired to date Harry so you all should check hers out!

Since the first day of school, Emma has been dreaming of attending a world ranked college. For twelve long years, she has poured her heart into her studies to insure her spot at Harvard College in Cambridge but one obstacle stands in the way. Her parents have no way to pay for such a prestigious college. Emma runs out of hope.
Just when she thinks all is lost, she finds herself outside a One Direction concert at her high school. Everything about them makes her seethe with hatred: how they flaunt their money, feed their egos, even simply doing what they're paid to do. Who would've guessed that just sitting against that lonesome brick wall would chang


10. To the Beach and Away

~Chapter 9- To the Beach and Away!~

My phone had read 78 degrees at the beach when I checked it this morning. Therefore I had dressed in a bikini with a long white ruffled skirt that showed part of my leg on the side and had a built in big brown belt. For a top I wore a loose, flowing, see- through white halter top. My bikini was multicolored and had fringe hanging down from the top with a mismatched bottom that was black with colorful mini roses. 

I like the beachy, hippie look. I felt really carefree whenever I took the look on. Too bad that didn't work for me today. 

Why am I at the beach might you ask? Well since Harry and I did such a great job pretending at Disneyland, she wanted us to carry on and sent us to the beach for a "romantic wind-swept" date. And yes, I put quotes around those because they were the exact words sent in the text to both Harry and I. I swear, Olivia can be a little kookoo sometimes. 

I didn't complain about the beach though. I didn't want to go on another date since the last one had ended so awkwardly, but at least it is at the beach.

All that was on my mind was Harry, Gabriella, and that almost kiss. Harry said it was for the paparazzi but I just got this feeling there was a possibility it wasn't for the paps. Maybe I'm crazy; that could be it.

Oh and not to mention the horrible recurring nightmare I had yet again. I hadn't had them since I left England. They always went the same way. They started out with me receiving a distressed call from my mom only to have me be pulled over by the police and taken home. I then would find out Gabriella attempted suicide and that's where they stopped. Although I'm not sure why, they'd never gotten any further. 

Sitting here on the beach next to Harry, I was consumed by my thoughts. They eat me alive.

"Emma, are you okay? You look kind of pale..." Harry's deep voice pierced my thoughts. Since when does he want to talk to me? We haven't really talked since Disneyland and I had gotten used to the silence. I guess I should be happy he noticed I was pale; it meant he didn't just check out of his mind when we went on dates. 

"Um- er- well, ya uh I guess. I'm fine. Just thinking..." I replied, stuttering and falling all over my words.

"Ya. Me too. About Tuesday at Disneyland, I -" I could have sworn he was going to say something about us almost kissing only to be interrupted by my phone buzzing.

He glanced towards it and nodded, signaling me to check it. 

Olivia- A walk on the beach is nice and romantic, don't you think? And how lovely would it look you two holding hands and clinging to each other?

I mentally rolled my eyes while I physically scoffed out loud. The thing about Olivia is I think she likes telling us what to do without directly telling us but you get the same conclusion anyway. 

"She wants us to take a walk on the beach, Harry. And we have to make sure to 'hold hands and cling to each other', I added, my hands quoting the last some words. 

"Alright." Harry pulled his body up and held a hand out in front of me. I was so shocked by the welcome gesture that I just stared at his hand instead of taking it. 

"Well? Are you going to take it or not?" He chuckled. That snapped me out of the weird trance I was in. My fingers took his hand and intertwined them with his as I got up and we started to stroll down the sandy beach. 

My eyes scanned the waves, first looking for signs of water life like dolphins or seals, then for people on boards.

I walked closer to the icy water to let it soak and drift in between my toes. It tickled a bit and I let out a gasp because of the shock it brought to me. I couldn't help but notice the smile on Harry's face as he squiggled (if that's even a word lol) his toes in the sand. 

I bent down and let go of Harry's hand to dig up the dirt the water had just run over. The little sand crab beetle looking things ran back and forth between the sand I held. Harry picked one up from the pile of sand and held it in my face. I let out a squeal and dropped the others running away from Harry and the bug, only to be followed by him as he picked my body up and held me in the bridal position. It felt so natural. In order to keep up with the fun though I ran away again only to get tired as Harry caught up with me. 

He intertwined our fingers once again and we started strolling the beach once more.

The wind was strong and blew my hair back and all over the place but I didn't mind; if felt nice. I happened to notice that Harry's curls blew all over the place too and I accidentally let out a laugh. My hand flew to my mouth, covering it up because I didn't mean to let that out. 

He turned to look at me with a questioning look on his face as to say, what's so funny? 

I gave an explanation before he asked. "Your hair is all over the place, Har." I threw my hand to my mouth again. Why did I just call him that? He must think I'm really weird... Who calls somebody Har? It's like hair... My cheeks became tinged with pink and warm as I looked towards my feet while walking. 

His feet stopped moving though and I glanced towards him to see why. He looked deep into my eyes and tucked a flying strand of blond hair behind my ear. 

I found him leaning in towards me again as he focused his gaze on my lips; they certainly weren't concentrated on my face anymore. I wanted to kiss him... I really did. But I couldn't. I just couldn't. For Gabriella. 

I walked away from Harry and sat down on the toasty sand. My eyes stayed still on the water, not wavering as he sat down next to me. "I can't, Harry, and I'm sorry."

"Why? Why can't you?" My guess is he actually doesn't know. He at least deserved to understand. 

"You probably don't remember this, but I used to live in England. I lived in Cheshire to be perfectly honest. We even went to the same school, you and I that is. Before you went on X Factor, you dated my best friend Gabriella. I didn't approve of you and never hung around when you came over to spend time with her. I kept my distance. And then you broke it off with her." 

I went on. "And she tried it. She tried suicide, Harry. Do you know how serious that is?! I could have lost her. I could have lost my best friend in the world because YOU were the one to break her heart." Tears were falling down my face now and I became very distressed. Hiccups riddled me as I held back sobs. 

"Not only did I have to deal with that, but soon after my boyfriend dumped me. I loved him. And he dumped me for no reason. He said he couldn't love me but didn't give me any reason as to why! I was feeling hurt, and unloved, and... Unwanted. I felt I wasn't good enough for Will." My eyes now laid upon my twiddling thumbs. I wiped away my tears and took deep breaths. 

"That's why I didn't want to date you in the first place but only did it for money. I needed it no matter how painful it would be. I can't have feelings for the boy that broke my friend's heart and led her to suicide. What if that happened to me..." My voice trailed off. 

*Harry's P.O.V.*

I listened to her tell me this. All I wanted to do was tell her the truth. About why I had to break up with Gabriella. I loved Gabriella, but the problem was, she didn't love me, or else she wouldn't have done what she did that year. I swore to them I wouldn't tell Emma no matter how much I wanted to. I didn't do it just because they threatened. They did, believe me, did they. I didn't want Emma to hurt though which is why I had agreed to the plan. 

I didn't really even know her then either. What I did know is how hurt any girl would feel finding out that truth. So, I promised to keep quiet, and I intend to stick to that promise. For now...

Yo yo yo! So another chapter there for ya guys! And if you didn't read my author's note I just posted today even though I told you to, (shame on you lol) you might be a bit confused on Harry's change of knowing Emma. I changed it so he knows/ remembers her but is keeping it a secret. Tell me what you guys think! 

oh and you BETTER read this cuz i need to vent! I just found out that one direction was at the fricken mall I go to during a fricken commercial and taking pictures with fans!!! and if i had been able to go i could have given them the pictures i drew of them but i couldnt! but of course, during my ONE vacation and I'm in LA THEY R THERE AND IM HERE. I'm just like ah fuc* and then now that i just left LA they are going there to end their fricken tour! UGH FU*K.

Oh and you guys should go check out @MinnieBea because she's suuuuper nice and has a great story called simple but effective. :)

Luv ya mah peeps!

Xx - iluvenature 

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