Diminishing Hate, Growing Love (One Direction Fanfic)

CREDIT TO MY FRIEND EMILY for writing this introduction kinda into the story because I was having difficulties :P

And also this story is inspired by a fan fic called Hired For Styles written by one of my favorite authors, @fanficsforbabes. My story is a different take on being hired to date Harry so you all should check hers out!

Since the first day of school, Emma has been dreaming of attending a world ranked college. For twelve long years, she has poured her heart into her studies to insure her spot at Harvard College in Cambridge but one obstacle stands in the way. Her parents have no way to pay for such a prestigious college. Emma runs out of hope.
Just when she thinks all is lost, she finds herself outside a One Direction concert at her high school. Everything about them makes her seethe with hatred: how they flaunt their money, feed their egos, even simply doing what they're paid to do. Who would've guessed that just sitting against that lonesome brick wall would chang


1. The Ultimate Decision

~ Chapter 1- The Ultimate Decision~

The cold, slate gray cement felt cool under my touch. Particles of dirt and dust lay scattered next to wads of old, discolored, already chewed gum, permanently stuck to the ground. I inhaled nature, the smell of our school's oak trees filling my lungs while birds chirped continuously in my ear.

I rested my head back against the wall of the school's Performing Arts Center as song lyrics swirled around in my thoughts.

As I was waiting for inspiration to strike, I ran my hand along the corners of my phone and listened to the music playing inside the PAC. One Direction. I scoffed at the sound of their name, even if it was only in my mind. What makes everyone feel the need to meet them? To listen to their music? For girls to faint at the sound of their name or any inkling of their horrible music? To me, they were just five lads with big egos who thought everything was about them.

That's why I was here, outside at our school's Performing Arts Center while the rest of the students including my friends were inside, bobbing their heads to the pathetic noise they call music. Footsteps echoed through the halls of the school, coming closer with every second. I payed no attention to them at all, for my mind was other places, contemplating my problem at hand. That is, until a voice interrupted my thoughts. I scowled and narrowed my eyes. What could they want?

"Excuse me, how come you aren't inside listening to One Direction?" A feminine women questioned me. There was a hard edge to her voice, unwelcome and unfriendly. Twisting my head, I squinted into the sun peering at her face. The women looked to be about in her late 30s. Her hair had obviously been highlighted, the brunette roots giving her secret away. She wore a beige suit; jacket, pants and all. I spoke carefully before answering.

"They don't interest me as they do others." I meant for it to come out politely, but the words escaped me with an icy tone, and could have been interpreted as being pissed off. I had reasons to hate One Direction: reasons deeper than them just having massive egos or everything in the world. Don't get me wrong, I hate them for those reasons too, but the main reason traces back to my life in England. My body involuntarily shuddered at the memory and I push it away to protect myself from thinking about it.

I returned my attention to my phone screen, assuming the lady would leave after I discreetly dismissed her, but to no such avail. She hovered above me, with a thoughtful look stretched across her wrinkle free face. I wished for her to go away; I wasn't in the mood for a conversation. The day before, my parents were the bearer of bad news.

"Excuse me, but do you have a reason for staying here?" I attempted a polite tone again, forced, but unsuccessful like the first.

"I have a proposal for you. You say you dislike One Direction, one of the most famous boy bands in the world. Therefore, I'm assuming it is more than the music you dislike, but the boys too, leading me back to my proposal. Harry, one of the band members, has recently obtained a bad reputation."

The woman began pacing back and forth, the concentrated look on her face not wavering. It was evident that she was choosing her words carefully; it must be because she doesn't want me knowing something.

"He has acquired the reputation of being frugal with ladies and it is affecting the band's popularity. Which is obviously not okay with me."

I tried to puzzle together what she was saying to me. It hits me all of a sudden. She must be a part of management. My friend from high school, Alyssa, always blabs on and on about how "management" controls One Direction and what the boys can and can't do. Most of the time I tune her out because I have no care to hear anything about them. But I must have heard it from somewhere, so I'm betting on her.

" Consequently, I am hiring you to play the part of Harry Styles' girlfriend. Because of your dislike for the band, I have no worries whatsoever of you becoming..." She hesitated, thoughtful while considering her word choice. "Attached." Her speech being completed, she honed in on my face, waiting for a reaction.

I whipped my head directly to stare at her, shocked if I had heard correctly. She nodded, as if she knew what I was thinking, justifying my thoughts. My eyebrows furrowed and my face was tense. "What makes you think I would do that?" I spit out the words with so much venom I was shocked to discover her face expressionless. "I don't know anything about you or if you are even a part of the band's management. Hell, I don't even like the retched band!"

"Because I will pay you." She scrutinized my face after letting the words drop off her tongue, almost as though she knew that might change my thoughts about the matter.

How desperate am I for the money? How far am I willing to go to get it? What other options do I have? My eyes wandered about my surroundings while thinking about her proposal before training them on her again. I remained very uneasy about the proposition.

"My name is Olivia," she stated, while holding out her hand with a lanyard. I peered closer, seeing her face on it and next to it, the title: One Direction: Image Consultant.

If I really did pretend to be his girlfriend, they would pay me and it might even be enough. A seed of hope was planted in my stomach, placing a smile on my face. I could get in trouble though if people were to find out. And Harry. Ugh. Pretending to date a boy that disgusts me to the point of nausea wouldn't be easy. I stayed silent a bit longer, reviewing my options and the possible outcomes of each before reaching a decision.

"I'll do it."


Author's Note

Yo mah peeps!! So here is the first chapter of the story!! Really hope you like it! Don't forget to comment and vote!! Just one simple click! Love ya all!! Xx

Btw, my friend @lil_ryan edited the chappie for me!! Follow her! Ill try and update soon!

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