Diminishing Hate, Growing Love (One Direction Fanfic)

CREDIT TO MY FRIEND EMILY for writing this introduction kinda into the story because I was having difficulties :P

And also this story is inspired by a fan fic called Hired For Styles written by one of my favorite authors, @fanficsforbabes. My story is a different take on being hired to date Harry so you all should check hers out!

Since the first day of school, Emma has been dreaming of attending a world ranked college. For twelve long years, she has poured her heart into her studies to insure her spot at Harvard College in Cambridge but one obstacle stands in the way. Her parents have no way to pay for such a prestigious college. Emma runs out of hope.
Just when she thinks all is lost, she finds herself outside a One Direction concert at her high school. Everything about them makes her seethe with hatred: how they flaunt their money, feed their egos, even simply doing what they're paid to do. Who would've guessed that just sitting against that lonesome brick wall would chang


3. Crash and Burn

~Chapter 3- Crash and Burn~

Harry walked to the other side of his black Range Rover, leaving me to get in on the passenger side. Once we were both situated he just sat there. I waited for him to start the car but he didn't. Instead, he turned to face me.

With a scowl on his face he said, "Look. I don't like you and you don't like me. So let's just get this date and the rest to come over with fast and it won't be painful."

I was taken aback. I know I don't like him and all and I have good reason not too, but he doesn't even know me, so what was his fricken problem? Or at least I don't think he does. He couldn't possibly recognize me from those days... I was practically a shadow. I shrugged the thought away. I wasn't going to let it go just at that so I spoke my mind.

"Listen, buster. I don't know what your fricken problem is but we have to sell it out there in order for people to actually believe this impossible thing. You were right about one thing though: I don't like you. I have my reasons not to. So, as you said, lets get this cruddy 'date'," I said putting air quotes around it, "over with."

The rest of the drive to the restaurant was silent and consisted of me gazing out the passenger window, thinking. Just thinking. It was a bit complicated and a bit deep, for me that is, and all centered around one thing: the life I would leave behind as I started to date Harry. It was about how people's thoughts about me might change: my friends, my family, even my enemies. And maybe I'll even change along the way as well. The opinion I have of myself might alter, for the good or the bad or maybe a little of both.

How will people at school think of me? Will I be just another girl lucky enough to date a member of One Direction? Or maybe I'll be the freak low enough to date him for his money? And better yet, people could think of me as the popular girl dating the sexy millionaire that is 1/5 of the most popular boyband in the world.

And my friends. Would they fangirl over me just because I'm "dating" one of the bands? Especially Alyssa. After knowing her since kindergarten I hoped that wouldn't happen. Would they badger me nonstop to get autographs from the others or maybe to set them up on dates? Would they be live able with?

And last but not least: my family. The worst of the three. What answer could I possible make up for dating the boy that screwed over my and my family's life in England? I couldn't tell them it was fake because that would breach my contract. And even if I do tell them I was only doing it to pay for what I wanted they would try and convince me we could work through it together and find another way. But I know as good as anyone that that wouldn't happen. It just wasn't possible.

All those things flew around in my head making a jumbled up mess like hundreds of different cords you have no idea which goes with which.

The car lurched beneath my body signaling we had reached the restaurant. Hundreds of blinking and flashing bright lights burned holes in my retinas. Harry got out and came around to my side of the car. After helping me out he grabbed my hand to make it look like there was something between us for the paps. It was cold and hard and felt like he was going for the least contact possible. My mouth formed an o as I was taken at surprise but I swiftly closed it like nothing happened. We both started walking towards the restaurant door. After wandering up beside him I took a long look at the sign that hung neatly above the door. It read "Une nuit sous les étoiles".

"A Night Under The Stars", I read aloud, not realizing my mistake of talking until the words escaped my mouth. It was a beautiful name and held a lot of meaning. That was and has always been my favorite idea for a date: A night out under the stars with the boy I had fallen for. But this was quite the opposite. Harry turned to me, his face holding a trace of wonder. His eyes studied me and I stared back. He had twinkling green eyes and they were easy to get lost in. What am I thinking... I hate him. We are never getting past that. His eyebrows were furrowed and his face was concentrated as if he was trying to break me down into smaller pieces to understand me. It wouldn't work though. I'm bulletproof. Nobody can break through my shell unless I let them.

"Are you done staring, jerk?" The words came out loud enough for him to hear but too quiet for the surrounding paparazzi to be able to distinguish. His face immediately snapped back to his pissed off and bored look as soon as I said that and I almost wish I hadn't for a second. But that second ended and we strolled into the restaurant.


We were crashing and burning. There wasn't anything to talk about so far. It's been an hour and a half and most of it consisted of me playing with the white napkin placed in my lap or him checking out the other girls in the restaurant. Our waitress strutted up to the table we sat at holding the check for our meals in her hands. Her face was caked in makeup and it looked like she had been crying because of all the eyeliner and mascara she had on her eyes. In front of me I could literally see Harry undressing Tasha, that was her name, in front of me with his eyes. After placing the check on the table and winking at Harry, she turned her bony a** away from us and shook it while trotting back to the kitchen.

"That's called eye rape, Mr. Styles. Listen, we have to make this work somehow. At this point, I don't know how we will make it work but we have to. I... I need this." My vision became blurry as my eyes welled up with tears. I took a deep breath and a sip of my water and started again, stronger this time. "And you need it too. Olivia told me."

He turned in his seat to face me. "Why? Why do you need it so much?"


"Honey," my mom began, resting her hand on my knee. "We have bad news." Her eyes shifted towards my dad and back to me. He started talking.

"We don't have enough money to put you through college. We tried we really did to pull money together and even with the financial aid that was offered to you we don't have enough.

After what happened in England and us having to move back here and start over we lost a lot and unfortunately it is really biting us back."

I couldn't believe this. After three and a half years of high school (me being a senior currently) and working my butt off in AP and honor classes each year this is what I get. I was accepted into Harvard! And I'm now missing the chance of a lifetime because we couldn't afford it. Clear tears began to stream down my face in an endless cascade. My lungs were suddenly suffocating as I took sharp breaths in and out as my parents simultaneously rubbed my bak in circles.

*End of Flashback*

"I can't pay for college. My family has a really tight budget and we are going through a tough spot right now which is the only reason I agreed to fake dating you. I'm desperate." My head dropped and my eyes were wandering around the tablecloth in front of me as my cheeks heated up in embarrassment. After silence continued, I took a brave peek towards his face to see a dash of remorse swimming around in his orbs. And for a minute there I thought he was going to console me but yet again, I was wrong.

"Well that is your problem not mine."

He spit out in an unapologetic tone.

If only he knew the half of it, I thought to myself. He was too thick skulled to put two and two together though and I wasn't going to point it out for him.

"Can we go now? I'm so done for the night." My legs carried me out of the restaurant to his car, not waiting to see if he agreed or not.


I got home and collapsed on my bed, too tired and worn down to even think about changing into pajamas before I drifted off to a restless sleep.


Author's Note

Hey guys so here is chapter 3! I've already gotten 36 reads on a two chapter story so I'm feeling really proud :) I know it doesn't sound like much but it is to me and its all thanks to you guys. So after this chapter I'm debating on shorter chapters but faster updates so tell me what you think of that idea. You are welcome to inbox me or just comment, either one.

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