Diminishing Hate, Growing Love (One Direction Fanfic)

CREDIT TO MY FRIEND EMILY for writing this introduction kinda into the story because I was having difficulties :P

And also this story is inspired by a fan fic called Hired For Styles written by one of my favorite authors, @fanficsforbabes. My story is a different take on being hired to date Harry so you all should check hers out!

Since the first day of school, Emma has been dreaming of attending a world ranked college. For twelve long years, she has poured her heart into her studies to insure her spot at Harvard College in Cambridge but one obstacle stands in the way. Her parents have no way to pay for such a prestigious college. Emma runs out of hope.
Just when she thinks all is lost, she finds herself outside a One Direction concert at her high school. Everything about them makes her seethe with hatred: how they flaunt their money, feed their egos, even simply doing what they're paid to do. Who would've guessed that just sitting against that lonesome brick wall would chang


19. Adventures in a Canoe

Adventures in a Canoe It's been exactly 8 days since Harry told me about Gabriella on our boat trip. The fact that my "best friend" completely lied to me has taken a while to sink in, and I don't think it fully has but I'm working on it. As for Harry, he suggested we wipe the slate clean. Our history in England is pretty much erased, or rewritten you might say. We decided to just be friends as though nothing had happened in our days in England. I'm pretty happy right now actually because finding out Gabriella lied to me and was the one that cheated on Harry removed a lot of stress from my life. Ya I know that sounds horrible but now I don't have to feel so guilty about "dating" Harry. In the past 8 days that I've been recovering from hearing the news, Harry and I have gone out several times for the cameras, usually just casual dinner dates. The rest of the time I either studied for classes or relaxed with the guys at their flats. As for Liam and I, things have been a bit tense. Not overwhelmingly so, but we haven't talked about what went down that night that I kissed him. I stretched my body while rolling over in my bed to check my clock. After having breakfast and taking a shower, I checked my phone to see if Olivia had planned anything for Harry and I today. According to the flashing message on my phone screen, we would be going canoeing. A laugh escaped my lips as I thought about how it would turn out. Whenever I thought of canoeing on a date, I immediately thought of The Notebook and What A Girl Wants. Honestly it's a pretty romantic date but seeing as Harry and I were only friends it kind of wasted the idea. He was picking me up in about 3 hours just after lunch time which gave me about 2 hours to read a bit of The Fault in Our Stars. ------------------- 4 hours later "Harryyyyy. You have to paddle more. Stop making me do all the work. I'm not THAT strong." I rolled my eyes and looked at Harry with a playful scowl. "You are too strong! You can do it." He played with me and chuckled. Oh really he wants to make me do all the work. Haha he won't see what's coming. I glanced my eyes to the lake in which we were canoeing and pretended to see a fish. "Harry look!! A fish! I think it's a trout!" I kept looking at the water to get Harry to look at it. I shuffled over to him, careful not to tip over the boat. A doubtful look played across his face. "Sure, you saw a fish." "Harry! I'm serious. It's really cool. Please look." My mouth turned down in a frown. "Fine fine." His body turned to the edge of the mini-boat and peered over. I pointed to a random spot in the water and got him to lean over the edge. Within a split second I shoved him over the side of the boat. His body tumbled over the edge and a massive splash ensued as his head and body disappeared under the dark surface. I started laughing hysterically at the fact that I pushed him in the water. I was laughing so hard that my stomach started to hurt as I clutched it. Dang I must get good abs from laughing. About 20 seconds later though, he still hadn't come up and my palms became clammy as I started worrying if he was okay. "Harry? Harry? Don't play with me..." I peered over the edge of the boat and tried to see anything under the water that I could. His face popped up right then and I jumped backwards in the boat. "OH MY GOD HARRY YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH. DON'T EVER DO THAT!" Harry, still treading the water in front of me, pointed at my face and was laughing. "Ha, you..." Words made their way out of his mouth in bits. "You should have" *choking on his laughs* "seen your face!" His face then morphed into one of absolute shock. "You are just hilarious, Harold. Shut up and get back in the boat." I felt my face heat up and I held my hand out for him. He reached for it and I started to pull him in the boat as he suddenly made a powerful tug on my arm, sending my flying into the water with him. I choked on water as I surfaced next to Harry and slicked back my hair with my hand. "You didn't just do that, Harry. Now I'm soaking wet!" I wacked his arm as he lay on his back in the water only to suddenly turn to me. A mischievous look and smirk smacked themselves on his face. "That's what she said." A laughing fit ensued again but this time I joined him. "Seriously though, Harry. The water is really cold and I don't like swimming in clothes." I shivered and glanced below me at the dark murky water below us. "Fine all right," he agreed reluctantly. We climbed back into the dingy and lay next to each other, water drilling off our clothes. I turned to him and propped myself up on my elbow. "I really don't like dark water Harry. It scares me. A lot." I looked into his eyes so he knew I was serious. An hour passed as Harry and I lay there in the middle of the boat, talking. I got to know him as he did to me while we both shared little tidbits of random information about us. Like how I hate when my mom walks on her treadmill for like two minutes and gets off and counts it as exercise. Or the fact that Harry can never eat whole pickles on his burger. The sun warmed the boat as we lay there chuckling at each other. Harry then propped himself up on an elbow and looked at me but did not say anything. So I did the same and we just looked at each other. "You know this is nice. Just being friends, no pressure, and you don't feel bad about Gabriella. It's pleasant getting to know each other." I silently agreed in my head, although I'm not sure I would ever tell Harry that. I found myself looking into Harry's eyes, thinking about what he must have gone through when he heard about Gabriella's attempt. Did he feel at all that it was his fault? I was so deeply immersed in my own thoughts that I didn't realize Harry was leaning closer to me until his breath was lightly fanning my face, telling me he was there. My stomach twisted and something was aroused. It felt as though my heart wasn't in my chest anymore; it had spread its wings and left. A warm sensation tingled as Harry's lips met mine in a soft touch. I found myself kissing him back. The arm that I wasn't holding myself up with came around to behind Harry's head as I held him there and deepened the kiss. Sparks danced on my tongue and tingles shot through my spine. Harry pulled away catching a breath and my eyes widened, unsure of what just took place between us. My hand that held Harry's neck came back to scratch my own head as I moved my body farther from Harry. "Er, I'm kind of wet. I'll just grab a towel." I said, while reaching for a towel on the other side of the boat/canoe. "Uh ya can you grab me one too." My face flushed and I kept my glance away from Harry. --------------- "Did you want to come back to the flat? The boys and I were going to watch some movies tonight and order some pizza." Harry had looked unsure while asking me and didn't we didn't make eye contact. Things were a bit off between us since we kissed but I agreed to go to the flat after showering and grabbing some dry clothes consisting of sweats and a bro tank that said 5SOS. I rapped on the door and Niall answered it. "Come on in m'lady." Niall bowed causing me to crack a grin. "Thanks, Leppy." That was my nickname for him, seeing as how he was Irish and all: short for leprechaun. I wandered in to the flat and found Zayn and Liam resting on two armchairs. "Hi guys!" I called out to them. Their heads turned towards me at the door. "Hello, Em!" They both returned the greeting simultaneously. Niall joined them on another couch as Harry wandered from the kitchen. "Um hello Emma." Harry's voice stuttered and tried to ease the situation by then saying, "your shower took you long enough." I scoffed. "Thanks, Harry. I changed into some other clothes considering you got all my other ones wet." I walked over to the loveseat in the lounge area as the boys stared at me. "What? He pulled me into the water!" They started laughing and once again, I turned cherry red. "Perverts," I muttered under my breath. "So I just phoned for a couple boxes of pizza. They should be here in like half an hour." Harry walked over to the couches and glanced nervously. The only spot left was next to me. "Well sit down already, Harry!" Niall exclaimed. "What are you waiting for you weirdo?" Eventually Harry plopped down on the other side of the couch, keeping distance between us. I felt eyes on me as I glanced at Liam, finding his eyebrow raised. I squirmed, feeling a little awkward at the fact that the room was so tense; like you could cut the tension with a knife. (a/u song reference ;)) Zayn cleared his throat and suggested a couple movies. Thanks to my powerful points of persuasion, we ended up watching John Tucker Must Die. Of course all the boys were against it, except Harry who I convinced to help make the boys watch the movie. Two hours later at the end of the movie, the guys all groaned and said, "finally. This torture is over." I got up and strolled to the kitchen to find a mug and some hot chocolate, seeing as how I was craving some whip cream at the moment. I turned from the fridge to find Harry leaning against the sink opposite from me."I could have made you some hot chocolate," he told me. "Harry, I'm a big girl. I think I can make a cup of cocoa myself." I chuckled and shook my head, then filled the top half of my mug with cream. "I think you missed a spot, Miss Emma," Harry teased me considering most of my hot chocolate was whip cream. He took the bottle of cream from my hand and sprayed my nose with it. "Mr. Harold Styles! I can't believe you did that!" I threw my hands in the air then grabbed he bottle and sprayed him with it in his hair. "Not my hair!!" He shouted jokingly at me. I took a bunch of whip cream in my hand and smoothed it all over Harry's head and leaned real close in front of him and said, "how's that?" In an instant Harry brought his lips to mine. I kissed back, feeling tingles in the pit of my stomach again. I don't like Harry like this though. It's not up for question. I pulled away and rinsed my hands, glancing towards the door. Liam stood there with a shocked look on his face and quickly turned around, walking back to the TV. Remorse flooded me and I felt bad immediately. I walked up to Harry and poked him in the chest again. He craned his neck to look me in the eyes, confusion etched into his features. "Unless it's for the cameras, that's not happening again," I sternly told him, and took my cocoa into the TV area. -------------------- Wow! I'm on a roll guys! An update every weekend! Woot! So tell me what you think about the chapter? Have you seen The Notebook and/or What A Girl Wants? I find canoe scenes super romantic. *cue me blushing into the cushions of my couch* And how about your thoughts on Midnight Memories the music video?!!! I'm sad we didn't break the Vevo record, but it's all right. Next time :) oh and one last thing, 26 READS AND 5 VOTES ON THE LAST CHAPTER?!!! THAT'S AMAZING!! I also have like 1.4k reads overall which is so incredible I'm lost for words. Thank you guys so much I love each and every one of you :) Please take like 5 seconds if you could to comment a little something or vote and if you could spread the word for my story that would be amazing as well! Follow me on twitter if you would like too! @wilddreamer45 :) I drew a pic of Luke from 5SOS if you want to see as well :) it's on there. Anyway!! Sorry I get so off topic... Tell me what you guys thought of the chapter! Tension with Liam and a kiss with Harry? Woot! Xx iluvenature copyright 2014 © iluvenature
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