I never really meant to fall for him. It just kind of happened. And I couldn't stop myself, I was falling hard for a boy named Harry. I've known him for a while now, but we have to keep our love a secret or else they'll judge us. It's not right, really. They say I'm going to hell for loving a boy, but I don't care. As long as he'll be there too. My name is Louis Tomlinson, and I have a secret.


2. chapter two

But I'm in love with a boy.

My mum knows, but she tells me she still loves me, but I know she's mad at me. My dad stopped speaking to me after I told him that I wouldn't change. I can't.

I met Harry on the X factor. I had to use the toilet and he was in there. I knew he'd be famous one day, I did. I just didn't know, It'd be with me. We exchanged glances, but ever spoke. I heard him sing, and that's when I knew, he wouldn't just be another contestant to me. They way the words rolled off his tongue, out of his perfect pink lips made my chest close in and heart skip a beat. We both made it through to boot camp, and where eventually put in the same group. The rest? The rest is history. 

When this all started, I was given a girlfriend, Eleanor. Our relationship isn't real, she's just my beard.  You don't know how badly I want to shave. I don't even get this whole thing. Eleanor has a boyfriend. Taylor his name is. He's really nice.

If they're happy, and we're happy why do we have to pretend? It doesn't make any sense to me. Eleanor gets all of this hate and all of this name calling for nothing. We're not real. Elounor isn't real. The hate is worthless. Eleanor is a young, gorgeous girl who has a bright future, and all of this hate just brings her down. It's the fans. I love them to death and they're the reason I met Harry in the first place, but also the reason I met Eleanor. Some ship Larry hardcore and some ship Elounor hardcore. Either way, someone is getting hate. I just wish it would all go away. Eleanor. Taylor. Modest! Everyone, just so we could be together. Me and Harry.

I saw him sitting on the tour bus couch, reading a book. I walked over to him and sat on the couch next to him. He looked over ans smiled at me, kissing my cheek, as he continued to read. Eleanor walked in drinking her Starbucks and told me to get ready for the show. We had to go to a fashion show for Top Shop. I got them for her birthday and totally forgot about them. I gave Harry a quick peck and looked for something to wear. I had my outfit all lay out on my bed, but didn't have any matching shoes. My wonderful boyfriend lent me a pair, and Eleanor and I where out. Sometimes, I wished we didn't have to pretend.


But hey, this is showbiz.


A/N: WOW. So much feedback within the short hours the first chapter was posted Thanks! 

Also, Listen to 'They don't know about Us' from TMH. At 2:48, listen. After Zayn sings "but I'll bet you if the only knew" there is a faint whisper making out the word, 'soon'. Anyone care to explain?

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