The new girl

when candy moves to a new town in the suburbs the last thing she expects is to get caught in a love triangle. but she does. when things start getting too serious it becomes a race against the clock to save the most precious thing of all... her lovers life...

(characters from my candy love and vocaloid)


3. chapter 3

So I missed the first lesson but it didn't matter. I sat outside with Gumi and her goat. We talked about what happened when i was in the student office, why she had a goat.

"Oh, I went to a farm one day and he just followed me home. I tried to take him back but he grabbed hold of my skirt and wouldn't let go when I tried to leave.Now he lives next to my brothers stable. "

"Your brother has a horse?" I queried

"No, he lives in it.He says hay tastes better than food"

Oh. My. God.


I will let the insanity of that statement just sink in.

The thing is, even though she is super weird, she actually cares about what I say. All the other friends I've had were total traitors! I would tell them something and within two hours the entire school would know! Which was partly why I moved, but I wasn't going into that. But Gumi was sweet. An honest, down to earth kinda girl, I felt I could tell her almost anything.


My next class was p.e.  know that it is wrong to skip class but, c'mon. it's pe. when i'm a proffesional artist it won't matter whether i beat the school record for the racetrack.

so when everybody else left for class i just sat there, lost in my thoughts. i didn't notice someone creeping up behind me...

"what are you doing during class time?!"

I screamed an fell off the wall.


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