The new girl

when candy moves to a new town in the suburbs the last thing she expects is to get caught in a love triangle. but she does. when things start getting too serious it becomes a race against the clock to save the most precious thing of all... her lovers life...

(characters from my candy love and vocaloid)


2. chapter 2

Gumi (which i found out the kooky girls name was), lead me to the student office.There was a large wooden desk running along the middle of the room. The floor was covered in cream tiles. When I rang a little bell alone on the empty mahogany desk, Nathaniel suddenly popped up from behind the desk.

"Hello, may I help you?" he asked

"It's you!" I said, then blushed furiously.


reeeeeeeal smooth.

a flash of a grin appeared on his pale lips, disappearing as quickly as it came.

"You must be Candy, the new girl."

"Um, yep, that's me." I squeaked

"Well, just pass me your enrollment forms and your photo ID and we'll be done here."

Photo ID?What photo ID? Nobody said anything about a photo ID! I started panicking.Full on, palm-sweating, eye-darting panic.

This was really off to a good start, wasn't it?

"You don't have the ID do you?" Nathaniel looked at me sympathetically "You can get it taken in the booth outside the main office."

Smiling ashamedly, I walked out. Then I turned back because I could hear a loud choking sound. Was Nathaniel OK? I walked back in.

Nathaniel was rolling on the floor, laughing his head off.

"What are you doing?!" I demanded. Nathaniel jumped up, red faced

"Don't worry, he's just having an attack." said a voice from the shadows

"what do you want.?" Nathaniel growled like an angry bear

Castiel stepped out of the dark corner arms folded across his skull shirt. 

"What, aren't I allowed to skulk around suspiciously anymore?" he smirked, shaking his red hair.

They stared at each. It was like all the hate in the world had jumped into their eyes

Suddenly they both stalked off in different directions ,leaving me alone in the office.I wondered what to do next...


Then Gumi came in holding a large furry goat.

"Hi Candy, what did I miss?"

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