The new girl

when candy moves to a new town in the suburbs the last thing she expects is to get caught in a love triangle. but she does. when things start getting too serious it becomes a race against the clock to save the most precious thing of all... her lovers life...

(characters from my candy love and vocaloid)


1. chapter 1

"look at that beautiful sky!You can tell the day is going to be wonderful"

I stared at my demented auntie. Was she serious? I was joining a private school in the suburbs right in the middle of the semester. Could i be any more of a social anomaly?

" Aw! You're nervous! Hee hee!" she looked at me and grabbed my cheek! I swatted her away. Viciously.Then I jumped out the car before she could do anything else.her tiny pink beetle zoomed away.i stared at the tiny school. Everything back home in the city was big, bold and individual. If New York was a melting pot, then this was a cucumber sandwich. The sidewalks were overflowing with skinny fashion models looking like they just strutted off the cover of Vougue, the buildings were cleaner than a hospital. everything was too perfect.

Almost. Something was going down by the bike rack. A crowd of people were gathered in a large circle. When I pushed through to the front I saw what was happening. Two guys, one wearing biker gear with shoulder length red hair , the other blonde wearing a loosely buttoned blouse and black trousers , were having a fight. The latter was being held at the collar by the biker guy as he hissed something in his ear. Biker guy pushed him away.

"See if i care then!" he shouted before storming off. Blondie sorted out his shirt before walking away.

"That was Castiel and Nathaniel. i have never seen them together not fighting." A short haired brunette whispered in my ear.I turned around to look at the all too perky girl. she was wearing yellow gingham dungaree's and green tights.In her hair she wore a huge yellow bow with a cartoon sun in the middle. Her handbag was a frog. She looked so ridiculous I burst out laughing. All the tenseness of the morning  flew out of me for a minute.

She noticed me laughing at her and she looked down at herself.

"I know, the nail polish is too silly..."

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