6. Texts

"Stop you're bitchin.. i had shit around here.. I got out the shower ready to call but got handed a gun and a light and they said lets go."

My bitching? Last I checked he said he would always be there for me. Now, two hours later this is what he is telling me? Ha, jerk!

"Again.. i didn't  have a choice.. you're gettin pissed because i had to chase off people from my house to protect the animals so i do have a right to say it."

Yeah, I understand the protecting part, but he doesn't own that much land. It would have taken about 20 minutes, not 2 freaking hours. (Almost 3.)

"... guess you never did care.. i always fall for either a bitch or someone i can't have."

I am not sure which one he is calling me, but this is disrespectful from someone who joined the Navy. 

"No.I've always been there for you.. but i'm done pamperin spoiled brats if they wanna get pissy at me for no reason..wanna leave? Join the rest of the people walking out on me for no reason..don't let the door hit you on the way ya..ttyn."

Ok, One: I'm not a spoiled brat, I'm far from it. Two: this is kind of rude to say. Say "don't let the door hit you" then you tell me "Love ya?" what the hell? He has always been like my big brother, but his talking is disrespectful. 


The rest will be on the next chapter, don't want to keep you reading all the way down the page, haha! Next chapter will also be texts! Read up (:

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