7. Text Cont.

"ik you never asked me..but you sure did expect a lot of attention just like a prep.. and fyi i hate preps with a passion..where did my little sister go cause you sure the fuck ain't her.. lemme know when she comes back..til then..night darlin."

Okay, I am NOT a prep. Yes, I do seek attention, but why? Because I grew up alone, I never had anyone truly there for me. And I honestly hate the smart ass comment "night darlin." There more smart ass comments. 

"I've always been a dumbass so why is it all of a sudden? Cause I've always hated preps..and of course you wanna be one.. so guess have fun.. have a nice life.. lemme know if my sister comes back..bye bye :D ."

Once again the smart ass comment "bye bye :D" I'm not a prep, and I asked how I was a prep, and he could NEVER answer. 

"Haha...ik you better than you think.. I've been there for you for years..well..I'm gonna go to sleep..hopefully my sister comes back..i miss her.. nighty night."

He has been there for me for years, but not in my most important time of need. Really? And I haven't changed, he is just being a jerk.


Well, this is it for now, I don't know what else to add. If you got some suggestions, or questions you want me to answer, I'll add another Chapter. So, let me know! Thanks for reading!

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