3. Accident

Yesterday, my boyfriend totaled his car. Some how, he managed to fall asleep behind the wheel (that NEVER happens) and ran off the road. The damage to the car, was horrible. Luckily, my boyfriend walked out alive, and only with a cut, sore shoulder, and a headache. 


When I had woken up that morning to a text that say "I got in a accident," my heart broke. He was okay, but the whole day I was worried sick about him! I hadn't seen him so I wasn't sure if he was truly fine. 


He didn't have a ride home from work, so my grandma went and got him. I was so excited because I would get to see him! And sure enough, he was okay (thank god!). Come to find out, the car was almost basically torn in half, the damage was horrible. I felt so lucky that my love actually walked out, alive. 

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