Girl Next Door

Basically Drew, Wes and Keaton live next to this girl they've been going to school with forever and they kinda have a crush on her, but she doesn't know. Will they finally tell her?


6. Wesley

Wesley's View.

I bit my lip and immediatly took my chance. She drank all the beer I poured for her. Keaton was already in the shower. He wouldn't know if I did anything.

"Wes? Did you give me a beer?" She asked me. I didn't reply. I pressed my lips against hers, shutting her up. Then the beer kicked in. She started getting passionate real quick. If this was all I had to do to get her to kiss me, why the heck didn't I do it earlier? She pulled me back in after I pulled away. I saw wildness flicker in her eyes and the passion consumed her. Where was this Savannah all this time? I led her to the room and shut the door behind us. We both sat down on her bed. I had so many questions buzzing around in my head. I had to find answers.

"Do you like me?" I asked her.

"Yeah. You're hot and you're talented." She answered. She likes me? Did I just hear her right? Everytime I saw her, She was with Keaton. She's probably kidding. She can't be serious.

"Can you sing me something?" She asked noticing I didn't say anything. I nodded as I reached for her guitar and tuned it. I started to play a song I wrote a while back. "Oh I'm falling head over heels, to be with you to lay with you. Just one more night, one more night again. And now I'm down on my knees, oh baby please come back to me, just one more night, one more night again. I can't handle this emotional rollercoaster. But I truly love you with all my heart. And I'm really sorry that this had to end up this wa-a-a-ay but I think I'd be a fool to throw this away. And I'm falling head over heels, to be with you, to lay with you, just one more night, one more night again. And now I'm down on my knees oh baby please come back to me just one more night, one more night again." After I finished, she smiled at me and then rested her head against my shoulder. I gently set down her guitar and wrapped one of my arms around her waist. She was so much better drunk. She let her guard down for once and was more chill. But I guess I could understand why her guard was always up, she had to make sure neither of us knew how she really felt. Didn't want to crush one of us I guess. But I'd rather know the truth than be stuck wondering if she really likes me or my brother. I leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away kinda quick. Did I do something wrong?

"Could you kiss me like you did this morning?" She asked looking into my eyes with a cute little smirk across her face.

"Oh.. You liked that?" I asked kind of suprised. She nodded.

"It's just.. no one has ever kissed me like that before." She admitted. I shifted from my spot on the bed and accidentally lost my balance in the process so that I fell on top of her. I played along like I ment to do that. I slipped my tounge into her mouth again just like this morning and her eyes sparkled like a little kid getting a crap load of candy on christmas. I could tell she liked it. Why couldn't she be like this all the time, not afraid to take risks or anything? Oh wait- Keaton's still here. His shower turned off and I decided to stop before he caught me because I knew that wouldn't go well for either of us.

"What's up?" She asked looking lost.

"Uh.. Keaton." I said keeping my voice down to a whisper. She nodded and then grabbed my hand as we crawled underneath the covers. She closed her eyes. My thoughts whirred around like a tornado in my head. All I really knew for sure was that her strawberry lip gloss was all over my mouth. I tried to hurry and wipe it off before Keaton saw it. I knew he would recognize it because he always made a big deal out of it when she wore lip gloss. Never really understood why. A few minutes later, a shirtless Keaton comes in.

"Hey guys!" He said. I rose a fingers to my lips and then pointed to Savannah hoping he would see that she was sleeping. He nodded and then got in on the other side. A few minutes went by and then Savannah poked me and whispered

"Hey Wes?"

"Yeah?" I whispered back.

"You know.. I wasn't drunk that whole time."

"What do you mean? I gave you a beer." I whispered with a big confused look on my face.

"You thought you gave me a beer. Did you read the bottle?"

"Oh.. uh no. Why?"

"It was Root Beer silly!"

"So.. all of that.. was that real?"

"Only time will tell." She whispered with a little wink.

"Well- uh.. I'm going home for a bit.. better check in with Drew." I said stumbling for words. I got up and walked out the door and into my own. I couldn't stop thinking about her. Why was she always so.. careful about what she said? It drives me crazy. But I love it. Keeps you on your toes.

"Hey Drew!" I called. He came out from around the corner and answered

"Hey Wesley! What brings you here?"

"Oh uh.. I need advice man."

"About what?"

"Savannah." The words left my mouth and I instantly began to smile.

"Girl problems?" He asked curiously.

"No.. well yeah kinda. She always gets around my questions. How do I find out what she really feels?"

"Well dude, maybe she wants to be careful. She knows both of you like her, but she doesn't want to crush either one of you. Just don't push for answers, you might end up hurt." Drew always had the best advice. He's great. I thought about what he said. He was right, If she went for Keaton, I would be crushed. It seemed like every girl went for Keaton. Everyone thinks he's just the cutest thing in the entire world, but I'm just Wesley. It gets old.


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