Girl Next Door

Basically Drew, Wes and Keaton live next to this girl they've been going to school with forever and they kinda have a crush on her, but she doesn't know. Will they finally tell her?


2. The Pool

Savannah's View.

I saw Wes ride by a few times.. Wait, was he shirtless? I walked out of the gate to the front to get the mail, well actually, I went to the front to get a better look. I opened the mailbox and got out a few letters. Then Wes rode by again. He had abs! Then i went inside. Grace and Lexi were supposed to come over today for the pool party i have every other Friday. I dropped the mail on the couch and then got ready. I picked out a aqua bikini and painted my nails the same shade of aqua. After they dried, i curled my hair. I grabbed 6 towels, a few extra because we like to sit on them by the water sometimes. I sat down with my feet dangling in the water as i got lost in thought.  Then i heard the screen door open. Grace and Lexi came out with my older sister Nikki behind them. "Hey Vannah!" Grace and Lexi said at the same time. Nikki went back inside and probably went to go listen to music. I stayed on the shallow end because i was probably the world's worst swimmer. I couldn't swim without my feet touching the bottom, and i don't even think that is considered swimming. Grace of course was the best swimmer i knew. She used my pool to practice for next swimming season at school. After a while her and Lexi got tierd and gathered near me. 

"So what was up with Wes today?" Lexi asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I didn't understand what she ment, he seemed fine.

"Well, he randomly started talking to you, and he sat next to you on the bus." She pointed out.

"Oh that- he was just being nice probably."

"No.. I think he likes you!" Lexi said thinking out loud.

"What? Me?" I asked. I didn't think he liked me. I mean he was always with a different girl when i saw him.

"Yeah you!" Lexi said.

"No fair!" Grace suddenly said.

"Wait, you actually like that looser?" Lexi said with a hint of sass.

"Hey, he isn't a looser he seems kinda cool." I defended. I know i just met him, but he didn't seem that bad. Sure he didn't hang with all the cooler guys, but i didn't care.

"Yeah, and he's totally hot. Haven't you seen him shirtless?" Grace added. Grace had a crush on Wes, and I knew it for ages. I guess she didn't tell Lexi because for some reason Lexi doesn't like him. Then out of nowhere, we began to hear someone playing guitar.

"Hey, do you you hear that?" I whispered. They both nodded at me. We stayed quiet, and soon the person began to sing too. It was a guy, and it came from Wesley's backyard. I looked over to see him sitting on his picnic table playing guitar and singing  

"You should roll with me, whatcha gotta lose. I can make your teenage dream come true. All i wanna know is if you're feeling me or not, I'm looking at the clock, Tick Tick Tock. Uh! I wanna make you my lady, i ain't tryin' to hear no call me maybe, I ain't ever seen a girl so sweet." 

He sang clear enough for me to hear him perfectly. He wasn't bad at all.

"Yo Wes!" I said without thinking. What was i doing? He turned around and looked to where i was and said "Oh.. Hey." He looked like he had turned red. He probably didn't expect me to be listening.

"Wanna come over here and play?" I asked him.

"Play what?" He asked.

"Guitar silly! I said while giggling.

"Uh, sure.. Let me go get my bathing suit on real quick.."

"Kay, tell Keaton to come out too!" I called. He shut the screen door behind him. After it went inside, it finally sunk in what i just did. I just invited a guy I've only talked to like twice to come over. Maybe I'll get to know him better. I didn't know why i did it.

"Why did you do that!?" Lexi asked me sassily.

"Hey- calm down. He can't be that bad. Give him a chance?"

"Fine." Lexi sighed. She knew better than to argue with me, I was kind of stubborn. A few minutes later I saw Wes at my gate that led to the backyard.

"Come in here guys!" I said. It was kinda cute how they didn't want to just walk right in. They walked in and set their guitars and extra clothes down. They sat down next to us. Grace immediatly turned to Wes and started talking. Keaton sat down next to me and stayed kinda quiet. He was always pretty shy, and it was kinda cute. I decided to try to get him to talk.

"Hey Keaton!" I said cheerfully.

"Hey.. you know my name..?" He asked. I'm not sure why i wouldn't, we're Lab partners after all.

"Yeah, of course. So do you play guitar too?"

"Yeah.. i sing too." He answered

"Aww! That's so cute!" I gushed

"Cute..? Why?" He asked looking lost.

"I love guys who can sing." I admitted. Litterally everyone knew that, but i guess He didn't.

"Hey, i sing." Wes suddenly said.

"Was that you singing earlier?" I asked him.

"Oh.. you heard that?" He asked looking embarrassed.

"Yeah, you aren't bad man!" I said patting him on the back. He smiled back at me. Nikki came out handing us all some root beer bottles.

"Thanks Nikki" I said.

"Wait- which one of these boys is your boyfriend?" She asked.

"Uh.. none yet.." I said feeling embarassed.

"Yet?" Wes asked. Ah poop,I hoped noone would notice that I said yet.

"Uh.. Yeah." I mean they are pretty attractive. Then Grace and Lexi said they had to go because it was getting pretty late. I looked at my phone and saw that it was already 10pm. Wes told me he had to go to the bathroom, so i let him inside. I stepped back out and then i realized i should've showed him where it is.

"Do you think Wes found the bathroom? I asked Keaton, who was just standing alone.

"Yeah, can't be that hard to find." He answered. It was dark out, and Nikki still wasn't home. Just then, Keaton grabbed my hands and took me to the darkest part of my backyard. What was he doing? Then out of nowhere he stopped acting so shy. I wasn't used to Keaton acting like this.

"Hey, i gotta tell you something." Keaton whispered.

"What is it?" I asked, staring at the mysterious look on his face. He bit his lip and said

"I- i like you.." Did he really like me? Was that why he was always so shy? It was so cute really.

"Aw! Keaton, that's so cute!" I said, not being able to  hold it in. He leaned closer to me and got ready to kiss me. But then Wes opened the back door, right when Keaton was litterally thisclose to my lips. I instantly felt bad for him. When he saw Wes, he smiled at him innocently. Was I missing something? Wes started talking to me like nothing happened. He probably couldn't see what Keaton was about to do through the darkness.

"You have a nice guitar." He said.

"Oh that.. I'm awful at playing it."

"Were you playing it earlier today?"
"Yeah- Why?"

"I heard you, and  it didn't sound bad at all." I turned red because i thought that nobody could hear me. I walked back to the edge of the Pool and sat with my feet dangling in the pool again. Keaton sat down next to me. I still couldn't believe that all this time he liked me.

Then Wes came over and asked me "Yo, do you have any wine or anything?" 



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