Girl Next Door

Basically Drew, Wes and Keaton live next to this girl they've been going to school with forever and they kinda have a crush on her, but she doesn't know. Will they finally tell her?


5. Questions

Wesley's View.

Then my eyes fluttered open. "What! It was a dream!?" I thought out loud. I don't remember crashing after I came inside, but I guess I did. I was really mad. How was that a dream? It felt so real! I got up to see Keaton hugging Savannah. I pinched myself. Nope, not a dream. Maybe I could just let him have her. They seemed happy together. 'NO, you can't let him have her. She's the hottest girl in the school!' I thought.

"Hey.. Uh, guys." I said breaking in.

"Yes?" Savannah asked, letting go of Keaton.

"Why don't we.. uh play truth or dare or something?" I asked.

"What about the question game?" Keaton suggested.

"Sure.. sounds alright." I said. We all headed to the kitchen and sat around her kitchen table.

"Hey, I'll start us off." I decided. They both nodded at me.

"Are you guys into each other?" I asked.

"Yeah.. I mean, she's super cute." Keaton said.

"I... I'm into pizza." Savannah said avoiding the question. This made Keaton laugh a little.

"Ok, My turn. How many people have you kissed?" Keaton asked.

"Uh 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10," I started to count on my fingers.

"Lost count!" I said. Savannah looked up at me looking a little sad. Does she think she's just another girl to me?

"Only 54." She said with a completely straight face. Was she serious? Even I haven't kissed THAT many people. It was a lot even for her. But she was popular so I guess I could understand.

"WHAT?" Keaton asked.

"Hey, hey calm down, I'm kidding. I'm not a slut! Only a few, like 8 maybe." She replied.

Keaton seemed to calm down a bit. He really shouldn't take stuff like that so seriously.

"Hobbies?" She asked us.

"Easy! skating, working out, and surfing." I said.

"Playing instroments, singing, watching Adventure Time." Keaton added. I tried to scan her face to see who impressed her more, but I couldn't tell. I decided to dig deep and find out something.

"Virgin?" I asked.

"Yes." Keaton answered quickly. We both locked our eyes on Savannah, who was looking at the ground. Was she or was she not?

Keaton's View.

Was Savannah not a virgin? I really hoped that she was. If she wasn't, and I did her, it would be like doing whoever they did. I shivered as I remembered all of the boyfriend's she's ever had. I started getting pretty nervous. I thought she wasn't like that. But what if I'm wrong?

"Savannah?" Wes asked, trying to get an answer. She looked up at us with tears in her eyes.

"I.. I didn't want to. But he made me." She said.

"WHO?" I demanded. She looked at me while the tears fell. Who would do that to her?

"Drew." She spat out between the sniffles. WHAT! Why would he tell me to hook up with her if he did first? I didn't understand.

"WHAT?!" Both me and Wes said at the same time.

"Ha! Gotcha!" She said with a little smirk. She really shouldn't joke like that. It nearly killed me.

"Aw what!" I protested.

"But seriously, are you, or are you not?" Wes asked, growing impatient.

"Of course. I'm not the one that goes around hooking up with every guy in the school!" She said.  I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in.

"Well, Would you like me to change that?" Wes said while winking.

"Wes!" I protested. He can't do that to her, I won't let him.

"Wes, You already got your question." Savannah answered. She is one smart girl.

"What about me?" I asked without thinking. Oops! I covered my mouth. Wes laughed a bit.

"Hmm. You'll find out for yourself later." She answered. What's that supposed to mean?

"Ok, now it's my turn. Would you do me?" Wes asked again.

"Wes.. You never give up, do you?" She asked.

"It's not your turn to ask a question!" Wes said kind of mocking her.

"Since you want to know so bad, Uh- I'd have to get to know you better first." She answered finally. Wes took it as a yes, and did a little fist pump.

"How come he gets an answer?" I asked her.

"Um.. Because I would feel bad taking away your virginity because you're so darn cute." She replied. Is that what she thought of me? Am I too 'innocent' for her?

"So you'd do Wes because he's a bad boy right?"  I said being a bit rude.

"I never said that." She argued.

"But if you did me, you'd be loosing your virginity too, so I don't get why there's a problem." I said.

"Guys, I don't want to be known as that girl who did every guy in school." She admitted. Her eyes were focused on the ground.

"Savannah.. I wasn't saying that you had to do me. I was just- I wasn't thinking ok?" I told her.

"So you don't just want to do me?" She asked hopefully.

"Nah, I'm not like that. I was just curious, and I didn't really think before it came out of my mouth."  I told her. She looked over at Wes.

"What about you?" She asked Wes.

"Well, Sure it would be nice, but I mean, we don't have to do that now." He said with a wink.

"Wes!!" I protested. He shrugged at me. I wanted to know who she actually liked. But I knew that if I tried to ask her, she would just get around the question somehow.

"Hey guys, I'm heating up some pizza, Do you want any?" She asked us.

"Yeah, I'm down with that." I said.

"Sure." Wes answered. She popped the pizza into the microwave and then Wes got up to go pour us drinks. I saw him get a beer and pour it into a cup, but I assumed it was for himself so I ignored it. He poured two pepsi's and set them down next to us. Then Savannah got up to get the pizza. She was done with hers pretty quick, so she just kinda chilled while me and Wes finished ours. I finished next, but I told them I had to go take a shower. I didn't want to leave her alone with Wes, but I needed a shower desperatly. She nodded and then I left to get in the shower.




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