Izzy has just moved from London to Rome and has spent the summer horse riding. There she met a guy called Lorenzo who has become her best friend. One night they kiss, but Izzy realises she has no feelings for Lorenzo, but she knows that he feels differently. One day, Harry Styles from One Direction appears at the stables and completely turns Izzy's llife upside down.


2. Meeting Harry Styles

After that night in the stable, Lori and I just pretended nothing happened and our friendship got even stronger. I’m finally at the stables right now and there is a huge crowd around the entrance to the main riding rink. I’m assuming there is a new horse that’s being tested. But then I notice there are men with cameras and people with clipboards. Someone is shouting “Harry! Tell us why you are here!” and another person is screaming “Harry! Can we take a picture of you?”. Who the hell is Harry? I try to make my way through the crowd, but it’s impossible. I only hear the screeching girls of the stable now. They are all at the front, screaming “Harry!” the entire time. I need to see this person and why there are so many people around him. “I’m sorry, who is this Harry person?” I ask a reporter, or at least, I’m assuming it is. That person just looks at me like I’m an idiot and keeps scribbling wildly on her clipboard. I shake my head in disbelief. What is so special? Ugh! I really need to see this person. I try again with another reporter. “I’m sorry, could you please tell me why there is this huge fuss? Who is Harry?” This reporter is nicer and answers my question. “Well, I’m surprised you don’t know Harry Styles! He’s one of the five boys of the hottest boy band in the world, One Direction! He is trying out a horse, because he is here for a year!” the reporter is so enthusiastic, but I really have no idea who One Direction is! I know one band that starts with “One” but I think that’s One Republic. This is seriously getting on my nerves! I’m just going to greet Marti.

After I’ve crossed half of the stable grounds I finally get to Marti’s stable-but it’s empty! What?! Who took Marti without my permission? The only person I allow to even touch Marti is Lori. But maybe it was Lori who took him out. I pull my cellphone out of my back pack and type in Lori’s number. He picks up after three seconds. “Hello?” he asks in his deep voice. I can hear screaming and shouting in the background. “Lori! Dove sei? Where are you and where is Marti?” I almost shout into the phone. Lori says something, but I can tell he’s not talking to me. Then he talks right into the phone. “Izzy, it’s ok! I took Marti, don’t worry! You might be really mad at me right now, but trust me, when I tell you that Harry Styles from One Direction is riding your horse, you’re going to go mad!” He excitedly shouts into the phone.  I’ve honestly had enough of this Harry Styles and I haven’t even seen his face. “Who the hell is Harry Styles and what in the world is One Direction?!” I scream. I’m really pissed off now. Lori laughs loudly.
“Oh, Izzy! I thought you knew them! All the girls over here are screaming their lungs out. Marti is about to get a heart attack! Haha, just kidding! Come over here, I’ll tell the press to get out of the way for you. Now hurry up!” I’m about to oppose to his suggestion but Lori hangs up before I can even think of an answer. Fine then, I’ll go see who this Harry Styles is. Ugh, his name is already getting on my nerves now. Plus, he’s riding MY Marti! I can’t believe Lori gave the stable owner the permission to use my horse! And I can’t believe some random stranger is riding him! Anyway, I’m approaching the main rink and Lori has already made a way for me. I have to smirk but my mood is still really bad. I fake a smile for the press or whoever they are and storm up to Lori. I can feel everyone’s eyes on me. I grab Lori’s shoulder. “You owe my some explanations, young man!” For some reason, Lori finds this entertaining. But not only him. A guy of about my age, sitting on Marti, is also quite amused by my threat. Then I realize that must be Harry Styles. Wow! I didn’t expect him to be that good-looking. God, no. I can’t believe I’m admiring the person who’s sitting on my horse. He jumps off quite elegantly and comes over to me. “Hi! I’m Harry Styles. You must be…Izzy?” He stretches out his hand but I ignore it. “Nice to meet you. Yes, I am Izzy,” I say, without any enthusiasm, just in case he hasn’t noticed that I’m very pissed at him. He smirks and I just roll my eyes. I know I’m being my arrogant self right now, but that’s what I always do when I’m annoyed. “Izzy, dai ragazza, be a bit nicer to Harry!” Lori whispers in my ear. I just nod and shrug him off. I decide to fake some interest and talk to Harry. “So, what do you think of Marti? He’s wonderful, isn’t he?” Harry nods. “Yes, he has a very nice stride. It’s very smooth,” he says. All the while he won’t take my eyes off me. I just stand there and give him a fake smile. “Lori, can I take Marti back to the stable? Or you know what, I’ll take him out to the paddock,” I take Marti by the reins, click my tongue and lead him out of the rink. The crowd of screaming girls is suddenly quiet when I pass, but as soon as I’m past them they begin screaming again. I turn around and notice that Harry is following me. I grunt and walk by the clicking cameras of the press. Well, I guess I’m going to be in the newspaper! Fantastic. I pick up some speed and head out to the paddock. The press tries to follow me but five security guards that have appeared out of nowhere stop them from following me. But then I realize they aren’t doing me the favor, but they are trying to keep the press away from Harry, who is still following me.

 “Hey! I’m sorry I rode your horse. I had no idea, really!” I ignore him and continue walking. “Hey, come on!” Harry runs after me and grabs my shoulder. I freeze. I turn around to glare at him but his face is a lot closer than I had thought it was and my lips almost touch his. Crap. I stumble backwards and go bright red, while Harry just stands there, smirking like an idiot. I clear my throat and begin leading Marti to the paddock again. Harry catches up with me and starts talking again. His British accent reminds me of home and I have to think of Danny. No, Izzy. Danny is the past now. Don’t think about him. Since we broke up I talk to myself a lot. “So, uh, how long have you been riding Marti? Does he belong to you?” Harry asks. At first I want to lie to him and tell him that Marti belongs to me, but then I think that it would be really easy for him to find out that I lied. “I’ve been riding him for a little less than three months. That’s also how long I’ve been living here. And no, Marti doesn’t belong to me, but I’m the only one in the stable who rides him.” I tell him as plainly as possible. Harry nods and smiles.
“Well, then I’m honored to have ridden your horse! Where did you live before coming to Rome?” Harry asks, looking at me all the while. “I lived in London for fifteen years. Before that I lived in Brazil, because I was born there. But I only lived there for about two years and then we moved to London. What brings you here? A woman before told me that you are staying here for one year?” This time I look at Harry to see if he was listening and find myself looking straight into his green eyes. I get lost in them for a second but then I shake my head quickly and look away. Harry chuckles. “What?” I say, extremely surprised because I don’t understand why he’s laughing. “Oh, nothing. So to answer your question… I’m actually only here for a few months because my mother has a job which requires her to be in Rome for a few months and since we’re not on tour at the moment, I decided to go with her. And I also lived in England, actually. I’ve lived there my whole life!” Harry tells me, sort of looking into the distance while he says it. “And by the way, I can’t believe you didn’t start screaming when you saw me. I thought all the girls go mad when they see us, ha ha!” His laugh is extremely sexy, I have to say. I sort of chuckle because his fake tone of disappointment is quite funny. “I’ve probably heard your music on the radio and now that I think of it, in my old school there were plenty of girls who fantasized about you. But I’m not a fan, that’s all I can say. And it’s not because I don’t like your music, it’s just that I don’t really know you!” I have to laugh myself now because Harry’s look is hilarious. He has one eyebrow cocked in disbelief, his one eye is squinting because of the sun and his head is tilted to the side like a little dog trying to understand what I’m saying. Now he’s the one to be startled and I just keep laughing, shaking my head. “I’m sorry, but the look on your face right now is just so funny!” Harry immediately straightens up and makes a normal face again. “Oh gosh, that’s the face I always do when I’m listening. I never really realize it until people stop talking or they tell me.” We both laugh and I stop walking because we’ve finally gotten to the paddock. I open the gates and lead Marti in. As soon as I take off the saddle and his reins, he starts galloping off and kicking his legs back. I smile, because I love seeing horses run around wildly like that. “He’s so beautiful,” Harry says. I nod and turn around to close the gate again. The saddle is really heavy and I think Harry notices because he quickly leans forward to lift the saddle off my arms. His face comes so close to mine that his brown curls brush my cheeks. 


---Hey everyone, so that was my second chapter and I'm thinking of stopping this story because I dont know if its got enough potential to develop :/ Please leave a comment if you think I should continue :) love you all xx.---

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