over again

after the huge fight one direction spilt up and vow to never speak again. But what happens when there daughters meet and find out there past? Join us as the girls find out about there dads past and as they find out that they don't have to be a adult to make amazing things happen.


1. bio from the girls

Name: A.J. Tomlinson


Parents: Eleanor and Louis Tomlinson

bio: Hey Guys! I'm A.J. Tomlinson! AJ stands for Anne Jay for my grandmother and my dads ex-best friends mom I know about how my dad was in a band and I go to school with they're daughter because my friends are Haley Payne and Jamie Malik. Well that's me see ya later!

Name: Darcy Lane Styles


Parents: Jessica and Harry Styles

bio: Hi, I'm Darcy! My mum and Dad are Harry and Jessica styles I'm 12 and my best friends is Haley Payne and Lily Horan. My favorite food is my dad's tacos believe me you'd love them too. Well enough about me bye!

Name: Haley Karlee Payne


Parents: Danielle and Liam Payne (A/N I know they broke up I just like her)

bio: Hello, I'm Haley Payne. My parents are Danielle and Liam Payne. My Best friends are Darcy Styles and AJ Tomlinson. My favorite color is Purple. Later!

Name: Lily Candy Horan


Parents: Kelly and Niall Horan

bio: sup I'm Lily Horan. My mum and dad are Kelly and Niall Horan. My Best friends are Darcy Styles and Jamie Malik. My favorite food is everything! (Just like my dad I know). Well bye!

Name: Jamie Sandra Malik


Parents: Perrie and Zayn Malik

bio: Vas' Happin? lol I'm Jamie Malik. My mum and dad are Perrie and Zayn Malik. My Best friends are Lily Horan and AJ Tomlinson. My favorite color is blue. well bye!


Hey guys! I know I already have 1D jr. but this book will be different! promise! hope you guys like the girls! love you all! Xx Chloe

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