That Smile

Harry Styles, had thought he lost his best friend Megan. At the age of five both of them wondered in the woods, until a black van arrived and, took Megan. No one could ever find her again. Harry always dreamed about her, her beautiful blue eyes, her long, brown hair, and her smile, that smile that made him go weak. They were just best friends, but Harry had always had feelings for her. Until the day of the fair, he see's the smile that makes him go weak, but is it Megan? Does he still have feelings for her? Will they be best friend's or more?


15. Perfect Date

Harry's P.O.V

   I couldn't wait to see Megan, everything was going to come out wonderful as planned. I planned to take her out for a dinner in the backyard, with the help of the boys. Louis and Niall were in charge of decorating, Liam was in charge of the food, because I didn't trust Niall on that one, and Zayn was making sure everything would be so perfect. I was so excited about tonight, that I couldn't even stop smiling. I made sure that my tux was correctly, as I turned to see all of what the boys had done for me. I said my thank's and that I owe them one as they left. I went inside the house to find my mom questioning me about all the surprise. I just tried to ignore her. She looked towards the stairs, and I follow her glance. My breath was suddenly taken away, Megan was more beautiful than she has ever been. Her body fitting in the dress as if it was made for her only, the dress color making her skin look more beautiful than ever, but her face was so precious covered with a natural make up.

    I extended my hand towards her as she smiled and grabbed it. Her touch ws so sweet, that it made my go on my knees. 

    "You look wonderful Meg!" I whispered in her ear.

    "Thank you, you dont look bad neither." She giggled.

    I took her to the back of the house and she seemed so confused, but when she saw all candles, flowers, everything Niall and Louis put up made her eyes shine. But her eyes shined more as she looked up at the sky, we had a full moon. It was as how she expected it for her first date. 

    "You did this for me?" She questioned.

    "Well, I got help from the boy's!" I responded.

   "Thank you Harry, I can't believe you have made my first date as fantastic as this!" She said before hugging me. 

    After that, we sat on the table, everything was so perfect. The sky was so lovely as her, but know here comes the difficult part. I gulped as I started "Umm... Meg, I want to aske you a questiond can I?"

   "Sure thing what is it?" She asked. My hands were sweating and I think I was blushing more than usual. 

    "Umm.. Would you like to be my girlfriend?" I saighed in relief but tensed, as she stood up. I thought she was going to runaway or something but her actions were special. She hugged me like if the world was about to end. 

    "A million times yes Harry!" She yelled.

      "I love you!" I whispered in her ear.

    "Love you too!" She replied.


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