That Smile

Harry Styles, had thought he lost his best friend Megan. At the age of five both of them wondered in the woods, until a black van arrived and, took Megan. No one could ever find her again. Harry always dreamed about her, her beautiful blue eyes, her long, brown hair, and her smile, that smile that made him go weak. They were just best friends, but Harry had always had feelings for her. Until the day of the fair, he see's the smile that makes him go weak, but is it Megan? Does he still have feelings for her? Will they be best friend's or more?


1. Nightmare

Harry's P.O.V

13 years later

"No, Megan, No! I yelled.

"Harry!" Megan yelled.

"I'll find you I promise"I yelled back trying to wipe my tears of.


I woke up and I couldn't catch my breath. I stood up and look into the mirror, I was pale. My eyes were red and puffy. "Why didn't I fight for her, why didn't I make them take me rather than her, why?" I whispered back in tears.

          All this 13 years i've been dreaming about her, that day is a complete nightmare. Im always pale, my eyes are always red, im not like I used too be. I was always happy, know im sad. I used to smile, but know seems like I dont even talk at all. That day always haunts me, it's a nightmare the day Megan was taken from me, I always see her smile, her hair, her eyes in my mind. Thinking about that day and her every single day, I kept reapeating to myself why did it had to be her? Why not me? Is she still alive? Her wonderful blue eyes were always somehting special but her smile, that smile made me go weak, like no other girl could never take her place in my heart. Like I always told her when we played hide and seek in my backyard.




   "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ready or not here I go!" I yelled.


     I wondered around the swing side, no sign of Megan. I walked over to the garage, nothing. I went inside the house, empty except for my mom. I looked under the bed's, closets' shower's nothing, I thought were could she had hide. I thought for a while then the treehouse pop into my mind. She must be up their. I went to the backyard, and headed up the treehouse that me and Megan called our fort. When I went up I heared crying. I walked inside and saw Megan covered with a blanket and crying on the floor.

   "Meg, whats wrong?" I asked.

   "I..I thought you wouldn't look for me or find me." She said wiping of her tears.

   "Meg, no dont cry, I will always find you, I promise!" I said going towards her and patting her back.

   "Promise, you'll always find me no matter what?" She asked wiping her tears off her face.

   "I promise!" Is said giving her a hug.

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