That Smile

Harry Styles, had thought he lost his best friend Megan. At the age of five both of them wondered in the woods, until a black van arrived and, took Megan. No one could ever find her again. Harry always dreamed about her, her beautiful blue eyes, her long, brown hair, and her smile, that smile that made him go weak. They were just best friends, but Harry had always had feelings for her. Until the day of the fair, he see's the smile that makes him go weak, but is it Megan? Does he still have feelings for her? Will they be best friend's or more?


9. Hurt

Megan P.O.V

   Tiffany was soak wet standing at my door with a not happy face. My heart started to pund faster and faster, I tried to close the door as fast as I could but she opened it and enter my home. I felt terrified, of what she could do to me. How did she know where I live? I stepped back and she took a step foward.


Harry's P.O.V

  I woke up very happy. Yesterday, made me smile, this time I had no nightmares, nothing. I was cured, thank's to her! I needed to tell mother that I already found her.I first took a really short shower, and dressed correctly, with a white T-shirt, and jeans, and a pair of white converse. I headed down and saw that their was someone in the kitchen. My mother. 

  "MOM!" I yelled.

  "Hey, you got ready and correctly, how was the fair? She asked.

  I smiled, "Mom, it was amazing because, I found Megan!" I said.

  "Great, wait you what?" She asked surprised.

  "I found her mom, I found my Megan, my bestfriend girl!"I said before running into her and hugging her.

   "Oh Harry, im so glad, I want to see her!" My mom said

   "Why don't we invite her to stay here, Timothy and May are out for business work, and she is home alone." I suggested.

   "It is an amazing idea, you should go pick her up KNOW!" My mom commanded me.

  I chuckled, and headed to the dining room where my car keys were. I headed out of the house, and turned the car, and the radio turned on. Treasure by Bruno Mars was up. I didn't know why but that song reminded me of Megan. She was like treasure, that you have to protect with all your heart. I drove all the way to Megan's house. It was still raining, I got of my car and before I could knock on the door I saw a dog chasing a kitten, Megan can wait for a few minutes so I decided to help the poor little kitten by chasing the dog.

Megan's P.O.V

  "How do you know where I live?" I asked nervously.

 "Oww.. Dont be nervous meg, and I followed you!" She said with a grin.

 "Wh- What do you want?" I asked.

   "For your fault I got expelled out of school, so listen to me know stay away from Harry Styles, he is mine, and you better follow what I say or I'll make your life miserable!" She said angrily.

 How did he know Harry? Oh wait, One Direction. She might of seen the picture on that program, oh god, she has a crush celibrity on Harry!

  "You bettter stay away from him, I warn you!" She yelled.

   Then, she left running from my home. I was so scared of her. How could she do this to me? I bent down and grabbed my legs to my chest and cried. The lights were still gone and I was thier crying in the raining. I just couldn't beleieve in what I've gotten into. I was hurt... I bareley got Harry back and know I have to leave him... Again...

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