That Smile

Harry Styles, had thought he lost his best friend Megan. At the age of five both of them wondered in the woods, until a black van arrived and, took Megan. No one could ever find her again. Harry always dreamed about her, her beautiful blue eyes, her long, brown hair, and her smile, that smile that made him go weak. They were just best friends, but Harry had always had feelings for her. Until the day of the fair, he see's the smile that makes him go weak, but is it Megan? Does he still have feelings for her? Will they be best friend's or more?


16. Goodnight

Harry's P.O.V

  It couldn't get any better, really  this day is so magical! I've been waiting for her for so long and know she's mine! I cant believe that it happens so fast! Im so happy, me being with her just us two! I can't even stop smiling at her face. We are holding onto each other and looking to us directly in the eyes. I really have this temptation to kiss her but, I dont think it's right. Just when I wasnt going to kiss her, she looked down at my lips. Just as she looked up I looked at her lips. Pink sweet and lovely ones. I leaned forward, and kissed her. I didn't think she was going to respond to it but, she did. It was so sweet, I never felt a kiss like this before!


 2 weeks later

  Harry's P.O.V

   2 weeks and Megan is still my girlfriends could things get any better? Everything is going so perfect, how much have I missed her? How long have I been waiting to hold her and never but ever let her go? How many times have I dreamed about me saying I love you, to her?

  So many things are running through my mind, that I dont hear Megan enter the living room.

  "Hey!" She smiles

   "Hey there!" I smile

       "I.. I need to tell you something important." She says.

    "And it is?" I replied

    "I.. I.. need to go back home, its not far, but I need to go back to school, believe me this 2 weeks have been the best of my life but, I need to go back."

   "Oh, emm well thats fine with me as long as I get to see you again."

   "Of course well see each other again Harry, its not as if im going to disappear... again."

   "Because I wont let that happen!" I embraced her into a hug.

   "Go get your stuff and I'll take you back." i whispered into her ear

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