That Smile

Harry Styles, had thought he lost his best friend Megan. At the age of five both of them wondered in the woods, until a black van arrived and, took Megan. No one could ever find her again. Harry always dreamed about her, her beautiful blue eyes, her long, brown hair, and her smile, that smile that made him go weak. They were just best friends, but Harry had always had feelings for her. Until the day of the fair, he see's the smile that makes him go weak, but is it Megan? Does he still have feelings for her? Will they be best friend's or more?


11. Anne

Megan's P.O.V


           Oh god. Paprazzi were all over the place. I was paralyzed, I didn't even know if to hide or just smile. I didn't even blink I was just sitting looking at everyone taking pictures. I turn to look at Harry he nod and move his lips to say " It's Ok" I smiled and nodded. Harry rolled the windows up, so no one would be disturbing. When we got to the front of his home, paparazzi started to shout out questions. My head felt like exploding at the moment. 

  "Harry who is she?" Paparazzi 1 asked.

    Harry didn't even answered.

   "Is she your girfriend?" Paparazzi 2 yelled? Harry still didn't answer. We were about to walk inside his house when a question I hear caught my attention.

   "Is she another girl management want's you to be?" Paparazzi 3 asked. Management? what? They control their lifes? I thought.

  I got pulled into his house, by him. Their I saw her my second mother. Standing infront of me, with watery eyes. 

 "A-Anne?" I asked.

  "Oh my, Megan how much you have grown come here my child!" She said before hugging me. I cried in her shoulder, just as she cried in myne. She was like a mother to me. Everytime my parents were out for work she took care of me. That's how I met Harry.


  My mom and dad were going for a business trip. They had to travel all the way to America. My mom had met Anne, by one of her clients. My mom decided to leave me with Anne, not just because she was a great customer, she was a really good friend. My mom packed me a variety of clothes and shoes, books, and many other stuff in a backpack.

  "Ok Megan I really want you to behave with Anne ok? My mom said. I nodded. The car trip to Anne's house was very silent. No me nor my mother made a sound. You could just hear our breathing's. I was thinking of how Anne was like. If she was sweet or grumpy? I got interrupted by my mom parking in front of a beautiful white house. My mom turned off the car and walked out of it. She opened the door for me, I grabbed my backpack and followed her to the door. She used the doorbell and a lady about my mom's age came out. She was smiling, she even looked very sweet.

   "You must be Megan!" She said smiling.

   "Yes I am Megan!" I said and smiled back at her.

   "Thank you very much Anne, please if anything happens to her just give me a call! My mom said while hugging Anne. 

   "No problem, and I will give you a call!" Anne said.

   "Bye Meg, so we talked about the rules at home ok, so follow them!" My mom said. She gave me a hug then walked to her car "I love you!" She yelled. 

   "I love you too mommy!" I yelled. 

  Anne took me inside, and called someone named Harry.

   "Harry, come to see our visitor!" Anne yelled. Then a boy my age came running downstairs with a huge smile. His green eyes were perfect all of him!

  End of flashback

   Anne was the main reason why me and Harry became bestfriends.

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