Christina Frost: We Meet Aagain *Zayn Malik/1D FanFic*

Christina Frost is a normal 17 year old. Her brother Zayn Malik is in a band called 1D and they both havn't seen each other since Zayn had go on Xfacter. Now while Christina is going on a job intervivew, she finds out shes going to be 1D asistant manager. What will happen to Zayn and Christina? Will Christina fall in love with one of the lads? Will he break Christina heart? Find out here.


1. Prologue


 My name is Christina Ann Malik. I am 17 years old and am currently living with my mom in London. I decided I'm going to move out when am 18 to start my own life. I am related to Zayn Malik from 1D, but since he went on X-Facter, he forgot all about me and mom. He stoped calling and sending letters to us. I gradurated from colloge 3 months ago, and ever since i been looking for jobs. I acept any job i can get so i can get a house of my own. I promise my mother i will always call her and invite her over to my house. She been very sad since Zayn left. Zayn was a very awsome brother, and if i ever find him i hope we can unite again.

A/N: Hey! Chrissy here! *Christina* How do you think of the prologue? Please comment, thankyou! Bye Bye, Kisses! *Chrissy

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