Christina Frost: We Meet Aagain *Zayn Malik/1D FanFic*

Christina Frost is a normal 17 year old. Her brother Zayn Malik is in a band called 1D and they both havn't seen each other since Zayn had go on Xfacter. Now while Christina is going on a job intervivew, she finds out shes going to be 1D asistant manager. What will happen to Zayn and Christina? Will Christina fall in love with one of the lads? Will he break Christina heart? Find out here.


3. Job Interview -PART 2

 These blonde girls is getting on my nerves. They think, that someone will hire them because they know about 2 boys? Give me a break. Finally, my stop was here. There was about 20-30 girls scatterd around the room. This is going to be a while. I went up to the counter and got the peice of paper about the job. "Insistant manager of 1D? Maybe that why so many girls are here". I said to myself but loud enough for someone here. "Yep, so i suggest you go because 1D will never pick someone like you". She chuckle to herself. I stare at her with an annoying and -getting-on-my-nerves look. I already had 29 other girls trying to get this job. One little blonde chick will not ruin my chance.

 I sat on the couch still waiting for my turn. Almost every girl got rejected. I feel bad, but happy at the same time. This was my chance to get the job. Look, I know am a 17 year old, but It's not like almost every 17 year old had gradurate when they were 15 and now looking for a job. Most girls will go out there and party, but  I'm not those girls. I want to have a caree and live a good life and, get married. I was inturrupted by my thoughts when I heard my name got called. I guess am the last girl, this will be good. "Yes?" I asked with a smile. "Your up". The man said. I nodded. I grab my black purse and head to the door with my heels clicking and my hair swinging from side to side. I walked into the door with 6 pairof eyes on me. I shake my hand with the boss, I think. "Hello, am Christina, Christina Foster." I said with a smile. He shake my hand. "Nice to meet you Christina. Am Simon, Simon Cowell". He said with a smile. I shake the other boys hands. "Nice to meet you". They all said with a smile.

 I feel all eyes on me. I was getting a little nervouse, but I kept myself together. "So Christina, Simon started. "Tell me about your self". He ask. I nodded. "Well am a 17 year old. I gradurated when i was 15. I live with my mom now, but am moving out to start my own life when am 18. I had a brother, but he left to go to X-facter or whatever. Am a very independent and strong girl for my age. I care about my caree alot, And i will do anything for it". I said with a smile looking at Simon. All the other boys clapped. I heard their name was Laim, Louise, Harry, Nial, and Zayn. Wait what?!

A/N: Hey guysss! Chrissy here! What do you think of this chapter? Should I start to metion Zayn by himself with Chrissy and Simon and the boys learned the secret down the road, or will you like me to include all the boys with Zayn and Christina's secret? Please comment by 3. That when i will start writing the chapter. Thankyou my loves!


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